New E3 Contents on Market Place

Microsoft has once again updated xbox live market place and added new contents to it . The contents include the BIGS demo and a heap load of trailers and themes from E3. Demo: The Bigs ( USA and Canada) ...

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NewScratch3998d ago

ive been in love with THE BIGS since getting it tuesday. anxious to see if it can get rolling a bit...

im jealous of 360 folks who seem to be getting demos constantly.

bizzy123998d ago

come to the darkside you can get demos 2 constantly getting demo 360 is the way to go man what is sony offering on the demo side not trailer becouse we get that all the time to

Watching_N4G3998d ago

If the numbers of demos released was the gauge to win the best E3 showing then MS won.

360 got demos. PS3 got none and instead got trailers. Wii went wii, wii, wii all the way home.


Grown Folks Talk3998d ago

it's more like they saw you hitchhicking, picked you up and brought you into town, but didn't take you all the way to your house. every demo that was actually played at the event (i'm talking about you cod4, assasins creed, mass effect, ect) should have been made available to us.