Beefjack: Rocket Knight Interview

Beefjack Writes: Take a moment to reflect on the 90s. More specifically, think about platformers. It was a golden age of sorts for the genre, and the cavalcade of gimmicky mascots seemed never ending. One of the more substantial mascots to come out of that era is Sparkster, the hero of Rocket Knight Adventures. Sparkster is an Opossum. More specifically, he is an Opossum who wears a full suit of armor and a jet pack while carrying a big sword. His new game will hit the PC and Xbox 360 on May 12, 2010. It will then arrive on the PS3 on May 18th.

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nkakolowski2905d ago

I really miss great platformers. If its not Mario or Banjoe Kazooie, I haven't had much to like this generation. Really looking forward to this one.

mrwiggles2904d ago

I always found platformers frustrating when I was in my younger Snes and Nes days. I've got much more patience for it now - Looking forward to giving this a shot!