Force Unleashed II beaming down October 26

Joystiq: As you can see, when we attempted to communicate that the game's official Facebook group had revealed its release date as October 26, our brains panicked and instead called up a reference to Star Trek. We hope that, in time, you can forgive us.

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BeaArthur2906d ago

Is anyone else slightly bothered that the title has a Star Trek reference?

Pennywise2906d ago

Someone thought they were being witty but ended up looking like a tool! It is bothering that the author on joystiq doesn't know the difference.

Neurotoxin2906d ago

Yeah....... if your gonna be a nerd at least reference it correctly. Tsk

Christopher2906d ago

Made me think of this video (watch till the end):


palaeomerus2906d ago

"Beam me up, Chewie!" sounds better to me.

Neo Nugget2906d ago

I enjoyed the psp version of TFU more than the console version.

DarthTigra 2906d ago

I wish they would reveal some info about this game. The story is still a mystery to me. How in the world is Starkiller still alive?

BX812906d ago

Yeah. If it's anything like the last game it's going to be great! I'm really looking forward to this game!

aftrdark212906d ago

heard it's supposed to be a clone of Starkiller.

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The story is too old to be commented.