These Forgotten PSOne Classics Should Be On The PSN (Part 1)

Irish Gaming Site write:

"With such a diverse and broad ranging scope of original and genre defining titles at its disposal, it's simply unbelievable that Sony has not done more to get developers and publishers to distribute their PSOne back catalogues on the Playstation Network. We've all seen how well PSOne classics like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII have sold on the Playstation Store, so then why doesn't Sony make the effort to bring more of their games to a whole new generation of Playstation owner? It boggles the mind why the PSN is lacking so many classic PSOne titles.

TGL has trawled through their own Playstation back catalogues and through the memory banks to bring you 10 forgotten classics that we think should appear on the PSN as PSOne classics (part 1)."

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Godmars2903161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Nothing that's already on the JP PSN.

Though Omega Boost could probably do with a revamp. From what I remember of it, the Panzer Dragoon clone felt dated when I bought it day-one.

Stana3161d ago

I will give you absolutely gorgeous graphics of ps1
Heart of darkness
abe exodus and odyssay
In cold blood
resident evil 123
discworld noire

in that time 3d was pretty bad but those games where amazing to look at

phosphor1123161d ago

Speed Punks & Rollcage. <3

I wish Rollcage had an HD remake (like Wipeout HD) since it was made by the same guys... but Studio Liverpool was closed =/. Rollcage 1 and 2 were so fun.

JoySticksFTW3161d ago

I used to play that, Tekken 2, Soulblade, and Twisted Metal versus mode nonstop

I actually used to listen to the BAT game soundtrack using the CD option in PSOne (my very first CD player).

Ah memories :)

HammockGames3160d ago

I'd like to see Parasite Eve

darthv723160d ago

philosoma, raiden dx, raiden project, thunderforce V, etc...

I already have the rtype games. I just like shmups and want more of them. Oh yeah...einhander too.

SaiyanFury3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

While I'm not familiar with a few of the games listed, I will agree with Omega Boost, (It's All Good!). There's a LOT of games that need to come out on PSN. Personally, it's a crime that more classic Squaresoft RPGs like Brave Fencer Musashi, Parasite Eve, and others haven't been out here, yet they're all out on the Japanese PS Store. Cripes, even the original King's Field games are all out on the Japanese PS Store. I also really want Capcom's Breath of Fire games on the original PS. To be honest, I got sick of waiting with all of the junk games Sony has been bringing out the last several weeks, and went ahead and bought an original SCPH-5501 PS console for 25 bucks. I'll just stick my original discs in and play them as God intended. Oh yeah, where the HELL is Rival Schools???

Montrealien3160d ago

(From what I remember of it, the Panzer Dragoon clone felt dated when I bought it day-one.)

You got to be kidding, when did you buy it? 2004? Omega boost was one of the smoothest and best looking PS1 game of its time, imho it proved that anything PD touched turned into graphical goodness, a fact that still stands to this day.

xTruthx3160d ago

Still have rollcage and speedfreaks for my ps. Very fun games indeed

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PirateThom3161d ago

Wow... someone who remembers Vib Ribbon.

Vib Ribbon needs remade, rather than a PS Classic release, so it can take advantage of MP3s from the hard drive.

NateNater3161d ago

I think PSN still needs Parappa The Rapper, Tekken 3, Ape Escape, and Twisted Metal 1 and/or 2.

itsralf3161d ago

PSN already has Twisted Metal 2.

Tekken 3 would be an instant purchase. I hate myself for losing that game...

Relientk773161d ago

Silent Bomber is such an amazing PSOne game, the sad thing is no one like knows about it and its also rare, because it was mostly in Japan. I got my copy off ebay

soo worth it, more people need to discover Silent Bomber

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