ATI Drivers for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Loading Boost Released

ATI has announced the release of new Drivers for all its graphic cards that fix the slow loading issue in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, now available for download.

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thedarkvault3160d ago

yep, used 10.4a last night with my 4870, maps went from like 50 second loads to less than 10.

catguykyou3159d ago

Yep, I went from being like one of the last people in to one of the first every time. I thought they were gonna put in the spawn timer so that everyone gets in at the same time still.

karlowma3159d ago

There is a spawn timer, but it has expired by the time most people have loaded the map. I load in about 4 seconds now, vs. about a minute previously. I have a 5870, but hadn't grabbed the 10.4 drivers until now (NHL playoffs baby). What a difference!

karlowma3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Sweet, vehicles for everyone!

MiamiACR3159d ago

Was wondering what was taking you bastards so long, welcome back to the fight ATI users. Dibs on Heli!

Gish3159d ago

I always wondered why people would be half way across the map when i spawn.