Xbox servers empty as Microsoft pulls plug

Microsoft will pull the plug on the online servers for original Xbox games today - but it seems gamers have beaten them to it in abandoning the service.

Despite having a lobby set up for half-an-hour, OXM failed to find another player for Crimson Skies, Unreal Championship 2 or Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

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Rampaged Death3166d ago

Maybe it's because everyone is playing Halo 2

darthv723166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

the game that set the service on fire would happen to be the game to bring the service to a close.

All other games are just watching while halo 2 gets the massive online play of its lifetime.

theusedfake3165d ago

I know I'll be playing it one last
time as soon as I get off work.
3 hours to go

Blaze9293165d ago

well duh - of course it's empty as the only game people were still playing are ARE playing is Halo 2. Which is why it's not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.

But still - a lot of people still played halo 2 - crazy huh? 6 years later it still pulls in impressive numbers online...what other game last gen still does that? Hell, some online games THIS gen cant even do that

I'll be on Halo 2 in 30 mins for the rest of the night. Bungie is signing on too in 6-11PM PST. Time to send Halo 2 off with a bang!

EliteAssass1n3165d ago

I'm pretty sure there was a lot of people still playing star wars: battlefront 2. i know 2 gamers that still play it occasionally

multipayer3165d ago

It is all about Conker Live & Reloaded, the most violent and vulgar multiplayer game last gen with vehicles, ranks, classes, perks, spray tags, bots etc... It also has the best graphics on Xbox. But OMGz, Halo #2! How will we ever recoup the loss, playing the superior PC version with loads of user made mods? Buying Halo for 360... No, it is hopeless. -_-

Screw you guys.

Government Cheese3165d ago

Halo 2, BF2:MC, and SWBF2 are really the only games people play on OG Xbox anymore.

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-MD-3166d ago

I regret not playing Xbox Live last gen, I was all about the PS2 back then. Seems like everybody had a good time in Halo 2.


Same here, I discovered HALO and Fable when I got the 360. I always buy at least 2 consoles each gen but I chose the PS2,Dreamcast and the Gamecube. The Gamecube was a waste of my money, I only bought like 5 games for that crap.

infamousinfolite3165d ago

Hate to rub it in, but yep pretty much. Some of my best memories where from halo 2.

likedamaster3165d ago

Ghost Recon 2 & Halo 2... two of my favorite online games last gen.

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infamousinfolite3165d ago

?huh? What are you talking about?

ShadowRyuX3165d ago

Mech Assault and Conker. The main reason I waited so long to buy a 360 is the lack of any kind of "sequel" to either of those games, but I bought one so I could play MW2 and Borderlands with more friends too bad I sold both because they got boring really quick. It is especially sad when you consider that MW1 was what really got me hooked on online gaming. =/

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happy_gilmore3165d ago

that's the xbot's jutification for paying for a lagging online service

Wrathman3165d ago

yep..another droid that thinks PSN is 100% dedicated servers..

wake up before you drown in your cornflakes

SeanRL3165d ago

It had a good run even though it had to go up against the ps2. You gotta give it credit.

Mo0eY3165d ago

Now if we can only pull the Xbox 360 Live servers...

jack who3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

every1's play halo 2 dumb asses and non of those games are bc.

kevinx10003165d ago

"every1's play halo 2"
that's what i was about to say.

Just played my last match. fantastic game!
can't wait for reach :)

infamousinfolite3165d ago

Halo Reach better bring me the best content because Halo 3 was ok but it wasn't no Halo 2. I want clans, an integrated friend list like in halo 2. Also, I want to feel nostalgic while playing Reach.

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