Chinese Government Censors WoW Skeletons

In a classic example of 'missing the forest for the trees,' the Chinese government has banned undead skeletons from World of Warcraft, insisting they be covered up with flesh. The9, the Chinese company that holds the license to operate WoW in China, complied with the order, as well as the demand to change player corpses into graves. The reason? Promoting 'harmonious society,' of course.

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TheBigL053R4027d ago


God bless Communism.

clownfacemcgee4027d ago

That's not communist. That's fascist. Banning stuff is such a violation of freedom of speech, but whatever, they also limit play time for minors in China. You get 1/2 xp after some time, then frequent warnings start flashing that the game will kill you, then you don't get any xp.

Armyless4026d ago

Because every communist regime in the history of the world has become fascist. Communism is corrupt because human nature is rife with selfishness, individuality, and greed. Rightly so, these aspects are rewarded in free-countries with "pride of ownership" and free speech.

If you cover a skeleton mob with flesh, what do you call it?

MK_Red4027d ago

I hate censorship but this one is rather funny. Whats the problem with Undead skeletons?

Dogswithguns4027d ago

with skeletons?! I dont get it?!

BIadestarX4026d ago

They are scary and naked!

ngoniko4027d ago

lol the Chinese, they just executed this Chinese official for accepting bribe

ArduousAndy4027d ago

President Bush. Atleast he didnt ban our Skeletons in WoW.

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