Crackdown 2 Rocket Tag Video From PAX East

Rocket Tag video from PAX East '10. Rocket Tag was the playable game mode in the demo of Crackdown 2 at the convention.

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3188d ago
FanboyAttack3188d ago

Not a fan of Crackdown, feels like a poor mans halo

-MD-3188d ago

It's not even the same genre as Halo.

lelo2play3188d ago

Hummm... comparing Crackdown with Halo. <<< shakes head >>>
If you want to troll, at least inform yourself about the game, instead of behaving like a complete ignorant.

As for Crackdown 2, I'll wait for it to come out to pass judgment. The first one was a fun game.

math3187d ago

Yeah thats a pretty big stretch

Redgehammer3187d ago

looks like it is rife with the potential for insane amounts of fun.