IncGamers: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Review

IncGamers' Paul Younger looks at C&C4...

"Westwood Studios may be long gone but that hasn't stopped EA embracing one of the most popular strategy franchises ever created. It's now 2010 and it's hard to believe we are on the fourth game of the C&C strategy series. The previous titles had mixed responses, all solid RTS games but they never really broke any new ground in the genre."

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Fyzzu3073d ago

Glad to see that score. I was worried it was going to be considerably lower than that.

Leord3073d ago

Well, it would have been higher without that pooie DRM business :P

Cogo3073d ago

God, I hate DRM. EA's digital downloads also suck.

Elly3073d ago

Glad to see a bold move on EA's part paying off.

Leord3073d ago

Yeah. All in all I feel they are staying relatively close to the Westwood mentality.

Cogo3073d ago

Well, perhaps the new system wasn't as good as it could have been :)

Dorjan3073d ago

Only an 8!? BLASPHEMY!!

Medievaldragon3073d ago

Has anyone had problems with disconnections while playing the single player? It bums me out to have to redo the mission.