VGDomain: Starcraft 2 beats expectations, refreshing

A look at how Starcraft beat expectations, of both the gamer and the industry

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N4GAddict3045d ago

Starcraft 2 is certainly a great sequel.

ExPresident3045d ago

To bad 2.0 couldn't meet or beat the expectations. No open chat channels... I mean really?

-MD-3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago ) needs some work for sure... I wish I didn't have to log into the game to chat with someone and there was an option to chat from your computers desktop similar to steam.

However Starcraft 2 is FANTASTIC.

Darkfocus3045d ago

If only I didn't keep losing my connection to B.Net. it's making me so pissed, my internet never gos down but I still lose B.Net connection.

Zinc3045d ago

Shit, how did they get a camera into my room...

dredgewalker3045d ago

I enjoyed the single player campaign and the upgrades were worth redoing the whole campaign to see what works best with my strategy.