Sony Says PlayStation Move Precise Enough To Play StarCraft

There's been a flood of information coming from Sony about the new PlayStation Move controller for the PS3, but Sony's technically inclined folks showed off some of the more technically capable members of GDC, getting down to the finer details.

PlayStation researcher Anton Mikhailov, platform research manager David Coombes and developer support engineer Kirk Bender ran through a handful of demos for GDC attendees, some fun, others a low level technical peek behind the curtain of PlayStation Move. Some of the more interesting things Mikhailov and crew talked about were related to the motion controller's level of precision.

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showtimefolks3119d ago

yeh hype your product that's what i want sony alwsy has the tech they just keep quite and their products sell with gamers telling each other more than marketing

and i like what they said at GDC we will treat this like a vertiual system launch

move vs natal

i want most of those wii games that were good in 720p with move and i am sold E3 sony blow the lid off get all those wii games in HD plus all the upcoming ones

FF13 versus with move(just a joke lol)

WildArmed3118d ago

Ok, I admit i had to read that 2 times to get it.


blair_enigma3119d ago

but but natal hath no buttons! bwahahaha LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.