New Medal of Honor Trailer Debuting on Game Trailers TV

DualShockers writes "This Friday night at 12:30 AM, GameTrailers will debut it's newest Medal of Honor trailer on Spike TV. Be sure to check out the premiere and check out the promo right here:"

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swiftshot933114d ago

So many shooters this year. BFBC2, Bioshock 2, Reach, Socom, MoH, Spec Ops....

Resistance 3 and Gears 3 should be next year IMO. Same for KZ3.

Chadness3114d ago

Too many shooters period. ;)

iiprotocolii3114d ago

Heh. And after seeing actual gameplay of MOH, all I can say is that if someone was indeed looking for a MW2 killer, I guarantee this is going to be it. Mark my words. I would go into detail a bit more about it, but because the embargo lifts tomorrow, I have to keep quiet. But, come tomorrow, I will be definitely spilling beans.

mittwaffen3114d ago

Reach and if socoms decent enough, i'll have to dust off the old ps3.

Cajun Chicken3114d ago

No. I want my Resistance 3, it seems to arrive every 2 years, a Ratchet and a Resistance. The rest of those shooters are uninvited guests.

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Ninferno3114d ago

if anything we need more fps... we dont have enough.

taz80803114d ago

Video games have catered heavily to shooters. MoH will be a MW2 killer, it will give BFBC2 a run for its money. THe game looks great so far.