Xbox360 Problems Solved! Its All Your Fault!

There has been some waves made around in some Xbox360 forums lately about a possible cause for massive system failure. Turns out, according to this official tech support report that the power brick is itself a surge protector and we as an owner should NOT plug the power brick into any further surge or extension cords...

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aggh im on fire4186d ago

Just admit you messed up MS and then you can put this sorry story behind you. You have a great machine in the 360 but these stories are not going to go away until you own up to the fault, Fix the problem, extend the guarantee's for people who have already brought one and you might just win this time round.

the_round_peg4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

What is FUD?

FUD only works for people who are ignorant of such a marketing tactic could possibly exist. So, everytime you see a FUD, just educate them: let them know that Sony is using FUD on an epic scale against Xbox 360. Show them the links. Let them know what FUD is.

uxo224186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Okay, so where is the official press release to support this story. Blog, blog, blog. Lately no one has supporting documentation about anything that they say. And everyone else just like lemmings just jump on the bandwagon and follow alone.

Whatever happen to people supporting the Bullsh!t with facts. I'm taking this one with a grain, no a pound of salt.

I have had my power brick plugged into a UPS/Surge protector since I got it and have had no problems whatsoever. Whatsoever!

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this link (which was included in the above article) says nothing about a UPS CAUSING the problem. It say not to use a powerstrip or surge protector, but it never said it's the problem. Eliminating things from the mix is a standard troubleshooting technique.

Also, what's with this "my friend" (Forum link in the article)BullSh!t can't your friend speak for himself. (Another fanboy tactic to make something out of nothing.)

I am amazed at the level to which people will stoop to give something or someone a bad name. Incredible. @TalorB below - YOU ARE 100% on point. Well Said.

gameforall4186d ago

Listen to Windows Weekly 29 Podcast and hear from Paul Thurrott on how he personal knows of about 1/3 failure rate of the Xbox 360.

uxo224185d ago

Okay, so what does podcast 29 have to do with Blogs being posted with no supporting documentation?

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TaylorB4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

The basis of the article can be seen here:

Many technical support sites will include extra information and/or troubleshooting information to help isolate issues.
Under safeguards it lists : Plug the power supply directly into a known good wall outlet. Do not use extension cords or power strips.

All this means is that plugging your powerbrick directly into a good wall outlet might eliminate any issues or the possibility of issues that could arise from a bad extension. Does this mean that plugging it into an extension or powerstrip will destroy your 360? Of course not. I'm going to break an internet rule and write in all caps here: A TECH SUPPORT PAGE IS GOING TO ASSUME YOU ARE HAVING AN ISSUE ALREADY. Therefore, it's understandable for it to suggest common troubleshooting techniques.

An analogy if you will: When encountering issues with your internet, what's one of the first things you do? You want to eliminate any additional connections between you and the source, namely, a router. Using a router can cause issues with your internet connection, does this mean that doing so will permanently damage your connection? No.

Can an extension cable or power strip be causing an issue with your 360? Absolutely. Does it happen often? No. But if you're having to search the 360 Help and Support due to an issue with your power supply, it sure as hell could be an issue.

This blog post is ridiculous, and I feel more stupid after reading it. This guy may have taken 2 years of Engineering Physics, but it sounds like he hasn't even taken 2 weeks of Logic and Reasoning.

Thugbot1874186d ago

Taylor B very nicely stated.

the_round_peg4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I notice that TaylorB lost a bubble after he had posted this message. TaylorB posted an intelligent, articulate message to point out the faulty logic of the article - but Sony fanboys can't accept reasons and take away his bubble. That's just pathetic.

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MoonDust4186d ago

It's just a trouble shooting step. How does it become a MSFT blames you step?

Blackmoses4186d ago

hahahahahahaha!!!! are you kidding me? Now they are attempting to blame all of their supporters for the problems their units are having? Are you serious? LOL!!!!!!!

Excuses Excuses....first it was a bad solder joint, then it was the heatsink, now it our fault....LOL!!!!
Man talk about owning up to your mistakes....

paracardium4186d ago

Of coarse who elses fault would it be lol