Moral Choices in Gaming - Elements of Console and PC Game Design

kendo1234 writes: "Brighthub examines the evolution of the modern videogame and how complex narratives and moral choices have pushed the medium further into adult territory.


We have certainly come a long way from the days when death meant inserting another coin into the arcade machine or resetting the console, now we are faced with real situations and moral choices, confronted with emotional conundrums which relax the overworked trigger finger. The medium is being pushed forward and more and more games target a mature, intelligent audience who seek a more emotionally fulfilling experience.


The best that can be said the new found complexity of the videogame narrative is that it is closing the gap with the medium to which gaming has long since aspired, cinema.


Its seems apt to point out that the evolved state of gaming today stems from both an influence of, and the desire to be more like, cinema. Perhaps one day the two cultural mediums will merge and produce a hybrid piece of entertainment that will marry them indefinately."

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Glamis3075d ago

This is an extremely interesting article. It really delves into the evolution of this gameplay element.

gonzodamus3075d ago

Personally, I'd rather go back to the days when games were games, not branching choice systems. Still, Heavy Rain does look interesting.

Jinxstar3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

What about almost anything from bioware or bethesda? They talk big on choice and morals... Do you like their games look interesting? Just curious. I personally am not a fan of the 2 companies myself but I know many are. Would you put them in this category?

I am also a fan of when games were games. However even way back when we had some unique ones as well...

cyguration3075d ago

picture for the article. Oh, and was a nice read. <_<

jpymai3075d ago

Good read :) Thanks for the article!

Galaga Master3075d ago

"Perhaps one day the two cultural mediums will merge and produce a hybrid piece of entertainment that will marry them indefinitely"

I think we're already starting to see this with films based on video game franchises that are pure CGI. Uncharted 2 itself feels like a movie. I think its just a matter of time before we see the two mediums merge.

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