Medal of Honor is "Reese's": EA/DICE are the "Chocolate and Peanut Butter"

RespawnAction: "EA's Greg Goodrich and Rich Farrelly sat down with Gamepro Magazine recently and discussed their new title, Medal of Honor Redux. When asked about how development was coming, they had an interesting comment about how the game is turning out."

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Jamegohanssj53076d ago

Lol I get it. EA/DICE make Medal of Honor because they are chocolate and peanut butter which makes Reese's. That's so sweet. No pun intended : v ).


respawnaction3076d ago

Yea man, while I am still weary about the single player, I know DICE, and you can't go wrong with them.

mastiffchild3076d ago

You see now I'm worried. I had NO idea what "Reese's" were til earlier today when a mate made me taste one of his in the car and, like most US sweeties it was REPULSIVE and you ewould NOT be allowed to call the slop they wrapped around the supposed peanutbutter centre "chocolate" in europe! If EA are saying MoH is gonna be anything like the godawful insult to tastebuds I suffered on the way to the football this morning then count me well out of it!

Then again, once I went on a cruise to Sweden(DICE country, no?)and was seasick for two days and eat nothing at all. When I finally came out of our cabin I went upsteairs where, foolishly, I thought they were doing a carvery/buffet type thing and seeing a big bowl of "mash"(mashed potatoes) I slopped a bunch on my plate thinking it would be a good, calming influence on my stomach. Saldy they were having a proper Scandinavian food night(Gravelax, cured fish and stuff)and what I imagined to be mash was, in fact, whipped lard! Nt aving a clue I got a big spoonful and tried to neck it, promptly turned green again and was ikll all the way back to the cabin which I never came out of again til I got back to Blighty. Who eats whipped effing pig fat FFS? So, I don't trust the Swedes when it comes to food analogies either!

Then again, maybe if he'd said it's gonna be like whipped lard wrapped in a vaguely chacolatey flavour coating noone would go for it at all. Whatever, DICE are great on the MP and it remains to be seen qwhat EA's team can do with it's SP as the last decent MoH SP is too far back for me to recall! That said I did get told a few of the team who made Black such an impressive shooter were working on the new MoH at EA so who knows? I still think Black was the loudest game I ever played(deafening through my PS3 and 5:1 system)and for a PS2 game loked okay even compared to early 360 gamesand I reckon I'd prefer a sequel to that over any other shooter ever to hit console gaming. god I loved that game!

jjohan353076d ago

DICE is competent. I can't say the same about EA. Army of Two 40th Day was a mess until the recent patch, which doesn't address all problems.