3 Reasons why Heavy Rain wont fail

Hard Line writes "We here at the Hard Line keep our fingers on the pulse of gaming, and we've noticed that their has been a serious amount of concern that Heavy Rain wont be able to find a market. Well rest easy, as I'm here to provide 3 reasons why it wont fail."

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markfrost2990d ago

Depends how you define failure for a game. I think the game will be awesome, but will fail to sell a decent amount.

GarandShooter2990d ago

Depends how you define 'a decent amount'.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

¿Who said this thing will fail? Is no longer valid.

Maybe only for Immature Kiddies.

sikbeta2990d ago

Ah... it's cuz everyone this days think that if a game doesn't sell like teh CODz is a Failure, Yes, I know it really stupid to say that, but kids are dummies...

HR Day 1

NYC_Gamer2990d ago

i think this game will sell around 2-3 million copies...

Madeline122990d ago

Yes that seen probable.
But who knows... maybe there are all those people out there waiting for a game like this. All it takes is that they know that the game exists...

Szarky2990d ago

It won't fail because we're all going to buy it on day 1 like me.... right guys?