Heavy Rain - Sleazy Place & Crime Scene Gameplay

Ve3tro writes: "Just incase you didn't know, theres a challenge which Sony Europe has released known as "Four Days" for Heavy Rain.

If you manage to complete it correctly, you will get early access to the demo, which isn't available until Thursday for everyone

For those who are not in Europe or can't crack the challenge.

I've recorded a few videos from the demo for you guys all in HD of course, hit the jump to check em out."

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Hanif-8763208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I downloaded the demo and it looks breathtaking its the currently the best looking game this generation :-)

Christopher_Walken3208d ago

Oh my god. I just finished the demo and was completely blown away.

Baba19063208d ago

im downloading it right now. im really excited about it. =D

rbluetank3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

i am comming up with nothing..... please!!!

nix3208d ago

dude, try the site now. it loads easily now unlike how it was before. i just got it n i used my ps3 browser. all the best mate! (:

xXFrostXx3208d ago

Just so happens i have an extra :D , First come first serve!!!!!