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Platform Nation writes: "Remember late last month when the net was set ablaze with rumors of Killzone 3 news to surface as early as February of this year? Well, that might not be so crazy after all.

New is starting to surface in licensed Magazines hinting that Guerilla Games´s sequel to Killzone 2 just might be slated for release in 2010. To milk it even more, is being docked by none other than Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and the docking site expires on the 8th of October, 2010.– seems so convenient for the site to launch at the the beginning of the holiday season, doesn't it? If this information rings true than you can count on hearing news on the subject very, very soon."

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nogolis3237d ago

I bet this news makes Bungie, Infinity Ward and 2kgames sad in the pants... Shame they're talentless hacks with egos.

reaferfore203237d ago

I'm not a big fan of Halo or COD; but saying they're talentless hacks is a bit much.

Bungie3237d ago

where's KZ2 players ,can't find a match damn it :(

gtamike1233236d ago

Well you know why don't you?
Cause your mum did not get you a PS3 for Xmas only the game.

talltony3236d ago

Kz2 was the best fps of last year. And man if kz3 comes out this year I will be just oh so happy!

Trebius3236d ago

The dedicated servers are always full, there's always a game to play. :) Either 1) You're just too dumb to hit the join button, or 2) you dont have a ps3

Comet3236d ago

The only reason Killzone 3 is in development is because Micro$oft is "Reaching" for another Halo game...

I'm wishing Guerilla Games will come out with a new IP for the PlayStation 4. Preferably another first-person shooter with variety and nothing ever seen before that will blow Halo 6 and Modern Warfare 3 out of the water ;D

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LordMarius3237d ago

I cant wait,
Just think of what they have added to their multiplayer mhmmm
co-op please

oh and vehicles

deadreckoning6663237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )


@Marius- Vehicles wuldnt make sense in kz2 multiplayer. Its about "contolled chaos".

Edit: Phyrrus Rise is the ONLY map big enough to warrant vehicles and even that map may be considered small by the standards of Bad Company 2. Trust me, GG will add co-op, but they won't put in any vehicles because it'll disrupt the flow of the game. Killzone 2 ISN'T Halo or Bad Company 2. The flow is WAYY different and vehicles would mess it up.

My personal wishlist:
No Rico
Better partner AI
Better graphics
Gain points for kill assists

reaferfore203237d ago

Having vehicles would make perfect sense. A lot of the maps in KZ2 are huge and would welcome vehicles to get across the map faster.

himdeel3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Was playing last night and getting a few trophies and was wondering when we'd hear about part 3. I REALLY REALLY hope Killzone 3 drops this year :)

Edit: I agree and after playing BFBC2 last night vehicles makes perfect sense. Besides maybe bookending the story, updated graphics, co-op to single player, and multiplayer co-op I cannot imagine any other revisions I'd like to see.

Darkeyes3236d ago

KZ3 with destructible environments.... Now that would be BFBC2 on steroids!!!!

Man just imagine if this releases this year lol... The complete Halo graphics hype train will derail. Catch KZ2 while we get KZ3 lol.

Strange_Evil3236d ago

KZ3 will be huge!!! I bought a PS3 just for the KZ2 and it was totally worth it. The thing will take place on Vekta think of the possibilities!!! Space fights, different pallet terrains (Finally!!!), better graphics!!!

GG has been known to take community feedback seriously and the first thing I would like them to fix is to get some decent dialog writers!!! Contact ND for more details GG and please explore the KZ universe more and bring a better story. Believe it or not, I was more interested in KZ universe than Halo universe cause the back story at KZ site is really great. Please GG make the story more better and love the Bots so keep them lol.

Jamegohanssj53236d ago

Release date Spring 2011. Then Resistance will be Fall 2011. Woot! Maybe by that time I'll be ready to play another FPS because we've been plagued with too many of them lately. We just need a change. A good switch. This year is looking to do that some what.


BattleAxe3236d ago

Killzone 3 will be awesome! But as a few people above mentioned, vehicles and co-op would out Killzone 3 on a whole new level that very few games can achieve.

3236d ago
Digitaldude3236d ago

I m so excited for this, I know they will fix the controls, adding new stuff like co-op. This game will be epicly epic.

LesterCorncrake3236d ago

HOLY SH1T i need me some KZ3, i purchased it with my PS3 and i was instantly hooked.

The most solid feeling/best graphical game i had ever experienced, until UC2 just out did it in graphics department.

Imagine an online space battle mode, in some big a$$ fighter ship with ya pals lighting up the skies.

i'd pay good money for this game because you just know its going to be of the highest quality

3236d ago
ZombieNinjaPanda3236d ago

Vehicles won't work in Killzone 2. The maps have no room to maneuver. On Phyruss the vehicles would be able to go in a linear path of about 10 feet.

Solomon Market is closer, but still not good enough. To have vehicles, the maps would have to take a couple minutes to sprint across. In Killzone 2, the biggest map can be sprinted across in maybe 1 minute. Less with boost.

mal_tez923236d ago

-DO NOT change the gameplay
-Increase weapon strength
-Add co-op
-More guns
-More Multiplayer features and unlockables

kneon3236d ago

I hope they don't "fix" the controls, I like them the way they are, they aren't broken. But they will probably do something to attract more of the COD crowd. They should just add an "arcade" mode for those that want to play that sort of game and leave the normal mode as is for the rest of us.

As for vehicles, the maps would need to be much bigger than they are now. Even pyhrus rise isn't well suited to vehicles, it's big but it's too constained to make good use of vehicles.

Co-op, both local and online would be great.

And they should either tone down the assault class or allow you to place limits on how many of each class you can have on each team, specifically the assault and sniper classes.

young juice3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

oh god please, let me kill rico i cant stand his stupidity.

but yea this was a givin. since i felt like there was a cliffhanger in kz2


notice how i didnt say "NO RICO".

i said let me kill him. making him vanish is too easy, i wanna watch him die.

CaptainKratos3236d ago

omg omg omg!!!!lol. Lets hear that news BABY!!!!

BulletToothtony3236d ago

have no idea how important he was in Killzone1 and how good he made the game in K2..

please people b4 you hate, learn to know what a franchise it's all about..

Mike134nl3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Killzone 3 arc enabled, can't wait.

execution173236d ago

kill off rico and be taller, and pretty much everything else about the KZ2 was awesome MP and SP

ViciousBoston3236d ago

Killzone 3 needs to start with a cutscene of Rico getting killed. Grusomely I might add. Like, brains splatter against the screen style, but even with all the gore, Sev and the team go on without acknowledging it and Rico is never mentioned or flashed back into any part of the game.

kneon3236d ago

Ya Rico is an A-hole but he could play an important part in KZ3. One possible direction for the game is for Sev to realize that they are really the bad guys and he decides that they need to stop the war somehow. Rico is hard core anti-Helghast and is unlikely to be swayed. So that could set up some interesting situations that could even include YOU having to kill Rico!

fishd3236d ago

That's the way to do it!

Chubear3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

You can tell the nerds who jumped on KZ2 and never played KZ1.

They all hate Rico with venom, as if he reminds them of the bully that used to take their lunch money or something.

Everyone that played KZ1 know how important Rico is to the franchise and, more importantly, why he is the way he is. I hope GG don't do anything stupid to Rico just because of the band wagon jumpers that just came onto to KZ2 instead of keeping the story going properly especially for the millions who supported KZ1 despite the media BS reviews against it.

Isn't it funny though how people have a distinct hate for Rico's Xter but in the same breath will say KZ2 didn't have a good story or voice acting. For you to feel so passionate about a VG Xter, they must have done something incredible right indeed.

Rico's a badass - period! just deal with your issues about him and stfu lol

duplissi3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )


your not actually short in killzone 2, its just realistic.
in the military when in combat you are trained to have as small a profile as you can (makes you harder to hit), when walking and holding your weapon you are always slightly crouching its kind of like the duck walk.

inveni03236d ago

No doubt. This would easily make my "must have" list. KZ2 was awesome for a FPS.

3236d ago
DatNJDom813236d ago

no Rico no Killzone......... he represents an important part of the story, the ISA hate towards the Helghast. Besides who else is going to be the bullet sponge at the last boss fight in Killzone 3???

DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Look at section 2 comments! LOL. Troll-a-squad came hard to the Killzone spot. Wonder why......... LOL

jaysquared3236d ago

You would think with all the the hype with KZ2 and the money they spent and many sony fanboys proclaiming it was going to be the "halo killer" Sony wouldn't make the mistake of releasing another mediocre shooter... Oh well can't wait to hear the sony fanboys on this site hyping KZ3 up like the second coming of christ..

JBaby3433236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Killzone 2 is anything but mediocre. If you played it and weren't such a tool you would know that. Care to try your trolling again?

Can't wait to find out mor info on Killzone 3. Please GG don't change the controls because of noobs who don't understand human movement and think soldiers glide on skates. Co-op is a must though.

Consoldtobots3236d ago

I can't believe there are developers who still miss the boat on online co-op. As far as Im concerned it IS the new multiplayer sensation.

Running and gunning mindlessly is so last gen.

SaberEdge3236d ago

If this is true it will just be another game I will be getting for my PS3 this year. I hope so. I still think Killzone 2 is one of the better shooters around. Definitely the best looking one, that's for sure. I also loved the multi-player.

zeeshan3236d ago

Killzone 2 was EPIC! I hope they don't release in 2010 and if they do, I hope it's like a November or December release. KZ3 can wait but whenever they decide to release it, it's a day one buy for me. I simply LOVE Killzone!

MazzingerZ3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

To all people (should I say kids?) wanting to kill RICO, please play Killzone 1...and please don't post that in Guerrilla Forums because that would only make GG sad...including Colonel Templar

If Rico hadn't done what he did by the end of K2 I would had been really dissappointed...many of the people that have only played K2 didn't really get it, Rico never had any other plans in mind than to do that he did as soon as he learned what had happened.

My wish list would only include the following:

Colonel Hakha! I have the feeling he will be key in K3, some nice twists are always welcome ;)

sikbeta3236d ago


Ravage273236d ago

my wishlist,

5 things to add:
-more classes,guns and abilities
-vehicles in SOME maps(e.g.reward for securing an optional objective)
-if there's coop, i really hope splitscreen is enabled
-improve AI of allies (Helghast's AI was great though)

5 things to keep:
-Control, do NOT change the 'heavy' feel
-Graphic quality
-My favourite MP maps BeachHead,Arctower Landing and Pyrrhus Rise
-Objective rotation during MP
-Rico, lol :p

UnwanteDreamz3236d ago

I agree, good list.

No Rico
Better partner AI
Better graphics
Gain points for kill assists

raztad3236d ago

As a huge KZ2 fan I would love to see it ASAP, but lets not fool ourselves guys. Sony is just releasing MAG (multiplayer only) and they want it to have as much attention as it can, on top of that I'm almost certain this fall will be for R3 to shine.

KZ2 is too big and important for Sony to be rushing the game just for the sake of it. KZ2 is likely a 2011 release. That said I'd like to see some coop and mecha combat. Maps just need to be fine tuned for them.

jjohan353235d ago

If they keep the weighty controls (which doesn't bother me), they need to have less chokepoints/tight corners. If they keep chokepoints/tight corners, then they need to make the controls less weighty. That was my only issue with Killzone 2, but it wasn't game-breaking. The dynamic multiplayer was quite fun actually.

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LordMarius3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

The Halo killer is back to finish the fight


Nathan1233236d ago

PS3 owners get huge graphical leaps every year whereas Bots still 'Reaching' for KZ2 graphics LMFAO. Bububu Reach looks betterz than KZ2!!! Make way for the empror of graphics on consoles... KZ3!!!

Bring on Bots... Bububu KZ2 didn't sellz!!! Who cares lol we got a sequel CRY MOAR!!!

JBaby3433236d ago

As fanboyish as your comment is... I love puns. Bubbles for you.