Video Game Hint Line Leads to Adult Hotline

Your kids calling for video game tips might get a phone sex line instead. A tip line on some Playstation 2 games leads to an adult hotline.

It's something no parent wants their young child to encounter, but Margo Myers' son learned firsthand. Myers was at work when her son got stuck on a hard Playstation 2 game and called a tipline on the game disc and got something he never expected.

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closedxxx3689d ago

Time to go dust of the ol' PS2 !!

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3689d ago

Now this? What is this these days? An anti-video game crusade?

Diselage3688d ago

At least it's not another murder or something.

pale2hall3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I guess that kid got HIS ratchet clanked.

Besides, the kid should KNOW not to call 1-900 numbers!!

and should know how to use the internet to google tips on ratchet and clank.

Diselage3688d ago

900 numbers should have never been used for a games tips line to begin with.

Realness3688d ago

Looks like another lawsuit for sony.

Diselage3688d ago

I'm not sure if they can, just as long as they're not advertising that number as their tips line any more. All it takes though is once.