Zelda Wii Wish List

Gameinformer: "Previously we've done Wish Lists for Modern Warfare 3 and for Bully 2, two games that we hope to see but haven't been announced yet. This week, we decided to tackle a game that's already been confirmed to exist: the next Zelda for the Wii. We heard at E3 last year that Link's next console adventure is already in development, and we heard in December that it's pretty far along. Now we're just waiting for news on what this one will actually be like. What better way to pass the time than dreaming about the elements that would make a perfect Zelda game for us?"

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BlackIceJoe3222d ago

I like the idea of the changing world. May be there could be a side-quest were if you help people get rescued from villains they start up a nice little village. If you don't do it instead the villains make a bad guy lair instead. Another thing could be like people asking for money to build shops and if you give it to them they can. Even other things like some one wants to start a town out in nowhere. If you do it you get a giant town after time passes in the game. If you don't it could become a giant forest instead.

Little things like that would be pretty neat. I think the idea of adding voice to every one else could be cool if done right. I just would not want to hear an annoying voices with every one though.

I also would like to see some one other then Ganon being the main villain. May be some one wants to one up him. Ganon would still be in the game just some one else has it out for him other then Link. So a little rivalry between Ganon and this new guy or gal to take over Hyrule.

That being said I can't wait to see what will be in store for the new Zelda game.