Judge lets Microsoft off the hook

A federal judge has let Microsoft off the hook over allegations that it mislead consumers when it fed them anti-piracy software under the auspices of a critical security update. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Jones denied several motions by the plaintiffs, including one that would have let them modify their complaint a third time.

The move means that Microsoft will not be faced with a class action that could have cost it millions. The 42 month old case was based around Redmond labeling its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software as a critical security update. The case claimed that Redmond did not tell users that WGA collected information from their PCs, then frequently "phoned home" that data to Microsoft's servers.

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SullyDrake3222d ago

I should sue them for emotional abuse, as my 360 keeps insulting me with awful line-ups each year. =(