Editorial: Do Trophies, without unlockable content, artificially extend replay value? - Often times, gamers will find themselves playing for the Trophy or the Gamerscore increase alone. When a gamer earns a Trophy or an Achievement, that's it -- the only reward is a small icon and increase in Gamerscore or Trophy Level. Shouldn't a gamer earning Trophies or Achievements earn more than just that, though? Doesn't a gamer deserve some reward from the game itself for demonstrating being skilled at the game?'s Nicholas Michetti takes a look at Trophies, Achievements and why gamers strive to earn them.

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nogolis3254d ago

I think so, yeah. I'd like to be able to 100% a game, all trophies and have something else to show for it. Like a graphics filter or an unlockable. Something we can use to play through the game again. It doesn't have to be a new level or anything just something that will give you marginal replay value would work for me.

What I'd like to see is a room in Home dedicated to the trophies you've earned. People could come in and look at your trophies in 3-d and stuff. It'd be neat. Have a room dedicated to you and your acheivments. That's what I'd like to see in Home.

Also, what if for every game we 100% completed trophy wise we got like 2 bucks store credit on the PSN? That wouldn't be bad. Maybe even a buck for a platnium trophy even. Something!!

RedDragan3254d ago

I would rather have the full game available to me as I paid for it.

I am not interested in Trophies so I don't see why I should get all the trophies for something that used to come in a game as standard after completing the single player campaign.

3254d ago