Sources: Red Dead Redemption development in trouble

When Joystiq recently spoke with their trusted sources from Rockstar San Diego, in addition to yesterday's information regarding the Midnight Club franchise, they were also told about the allegedly troubled state of Red Dead Redemption. One source said that the game "was a complete disaster for most of 2009 and previous ... it has since turned around a little bit, but there are huge problems with it still." Unsurprisingly, the issues with the game are repeatedly claimed to be the result of mismanagement -- along the same lines as what was mentioned in the recent "Rockstar spouse" letter.

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life doomer3262d ago

really hope it's released in April.... finished.

dgroundwater3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

I hope it's released finished. Can't you just wait an extra 2-3 months (whatever it is they need) for the real deal?

"The good news is they [Rockstar] are not expecting to make money with Red Dead Redemption. At this point, that project is just supposed to prove that the San Diego studio can make a great quality AAA title.""

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Solans Scott3262d ago

Does this mean that the game could miss its release date? I hope not. I've been anticipating this game from 2009 and to be so close to a release date just to have it missed or a less than stellar product released would be awful.

mastiffchild3262d ago

Well, isn't it intriguing? What should we think? Every single preview or hands on I've ever seen for the game has been gushing in it's haste to praise what they saw and/or played with R*'s game yet we're told now that th workers are being treated klike crap and there's been issues wih the game all along because of shady mismanagement?

I'd hate the game to release in a bad state and all this to be for nothing but these stories coming out of San diego are geting more and more common right about now and you have to start wondering just where the truth lies. I mean if the game had been blighted by early troubles and bad management it's plausable that they'd need staff to work long and difficult hours to get it into shape. IDK how much credence to give to rumours but, as I said, these are becoming real persistent so who knows? It was looking like the first western style game to have a chance of making a really big splash too and it's a genre of game that has never been truly exploited for me and one full of potential as well.

I was hoping for a few more playable characters, though, as I always fancied playing as a Sitting Bull style chief!I always imagined an RPG based on the naive Americans would be great too-with a whole new way of doing things and whole new mythology to explore it could be amazing. Not that a sandbox western with oodles of gunplay and missions involving posse's isn't cool too! Les just hope that there aren't the problems being rumoured-for all involved, including the game.

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nombon3262d ago

i hope this game gets finished to a good degree of polish. What they showed up until now has me very excited!!!!!!!1

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