What Did The Simpsons Ever Do For Video Games?

Since the Simpsons' TV showed launched in 1989, more video games have been made about them than just about any non-game franchise this side of Star Wars and Dragonball Z. Unfortunately, the medium doesn't have much to show for it.

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ZombieAutopsy3260d ago

Loved The Simpsons games for my Genesis and SNES, but after that i had no real interest in them (besides Simpsons Wrestling for Ps1 of course).

GameOn3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

The only Simpsons game I ever owned was back on the NES. Cant remember what it was called but I did like it, although I was pretty young back then.

villevalorox3259d ago

who cares? look what they did for tv ahha

Cajun Chicken3260d ago

Stole the plot of 'They Live'.

nogolis3260d ago

I loved the Simpsons game for Ps3... Crafted, written and put together extremely well. The voice actors being on board and actually giving great performances went along way with me too. More than I can say for Spiderman movie games, for instance. And way more appealing than Heavy Rain's stiff, low budget voice acting. Simpsons have done plenty for video games, reguardless if you like all of them or not a lot of the simpsons games were classics on the nes thru the gen/snes days.

cyberwaffles3259d ago

who comes up with articles like these? desperation for hits anyone?

Neurotoxin3259d ago

A really good arcade game :)

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