Is The Halo Franchise On Its Downfall? – Step Ya Game Up Podcast 57

Blade206, WorseCase, Haipa-Sonniku and two special guest HipHopGamer and DaSolidProof come together to bring you another smash hit episode of Step Ya Game Up. On the most entertaining podcast on the net we talk about the following:

- Halo franchise, to downfall?

- Is the DVD 9 outdated?

- Playstation Home A Savior for PS3?

- Xbox360 Sales Predictions

- Final Fantasy 13 Release In Japan

- 2010 predictions - Final Fantasy 7 and 8 talk about publishers

- As always, we have a Step Ya Game Up and much much more. Special Thanks to HipHopGamer and DaSolidProof for featuring on this weeks podcast.

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gotgame19853285d ago

i seriously dont think so but it probably loose alittle steam if they dont give it some time off a couple of years is they dont let the demand for it to build up but i think halo reach did the job in getting people intrest even if they were getting tired of it

Bungie3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

lol it's hiphopgamer friends

4Sh0w3285d ago

No matter how you might personally feel about Halo, its hard to argue its on a downfall when Halo3 sold 10mil, and the spinoff ODST is among the best selling games of the year. Halo Reach is likely going to be the biggest games in 2010, the cinematic was awesome, but personally Alan Wake is my most anticipated game of the year, followed closely by ME2, and there are so many other great games this year, we're being spoiled with games.

deadreckoning6663285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Nope its not. If anything its on a RISE. Halo Reach looks to be a VERY different Halo and if it's the first game to use Natal support..MAN the casuals are gunna freak lol. As far as the hardcore crowd is concenered COD already destroyed Halo's community.

Saaking3285d ago

In popularity and sales, no. In quality, definitely. Halo hasn't been the same since CE.

3285d ago
Saaking3284d ago

I've played all the Halos (except Wars, I don't like RTS), and it's obvious the Combat Evolve is still at the top. Yes, Halo 3's online is a lot of fun, but the campaign is, imo, weak. ODST is just.. laughable (again, my opinion).
Since Reach is based on the novel (or at least, I think it is), I think the campaign this time around is gonna be both longer and better. Not to mention the fact the Bungie is probably going to perfect their multiplayer formula. Like I've said before I'm really looking forward to Reach.

deadreckoning6663284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

If Halo's QUALITY, as you say, is on its downfall then why are so many people still playing it?

Another question, if Modern Warfare 2 sucks then why are so many people STILL playing it? Lemme help ya out

"IMO In popularity and sales, no. In quality, definitely. Halo hasn't been the same since CE."


Its okay if u don't like Halo, but Halo's multiplayer doesn't suck if ur into FPSs. Halo 2's campaign was horrible though FACT.

whoelse3284d ago

I'm sure if Halo Reach can't match Halo 3 then yes it is on a downfall, otherwise there still may be life left in the franchise yet.

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Blow Out Your Brains3285d ago

COD steam rolled over Halo's community. It's still massive, but it will never be number one consistently on live like COD is.

gotgame19853285d ago

they spend the whole podcast dogging the 360

stonecold13285d ago

dvd9 holding ps3 and pc games development dvd9 was outdated ages ago i can agree with japan final fantasy 13 will do well on ps3 because finalfantasy was the home on nintendo playstation brand

Ko_Uraki3285d ago

whith the same garbages :)

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