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Myst3198d ago

Wonder if we are ever going to get that Demon's Souls theme or if I should just go ahead and buy it from the Japanese playstation store...Anyway yay for Final Fantasy VIII and that GT5 time trial thingy. Now I can get a feel for what it's like.

Genesis53198d ago

Good lookin' update. Time to take a peak at GT5

MAiKU3198d ago

AAAAHHH FFVIII! *explodes*

SaiyanFury3197d ago

Yeah I've been waiting for FF8 on the PSN. As a big Star Trek fan, I was very happy with the new dynamic themes.

NoBias3197d ago

The SOCOM Cold Front pack finally came out and it's AMAZING.

So happy to finally have blizzard and nightstalker back.

gintoki7773197d ago

FINALLY GOD DAMMIT METAL GEAR PORTABLE OPS! jeez sorry for the caps but this made my day
and english peace walker demo
now I want musashi =( lol

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GameGambits3198d ago

Speaking as someone who hated the first Army of Two(stopped after 2 hours)...this game is a LOT better.

People will be pleasantly surprised with Army of Two The 40th Day. Def worth checking out the demo. :)

Timesplitter143198d ago

Looks like a great co-op game. The weapon customization is sick!

ThanatosDMC3197d ago

I hated the first one not because of gameplay but because of the weapons and the useless armor types. But i'll try this one since it has co-op.

gumgum993198d ago

Finally!! the Gran Turismo 5 demo time trial. Nice to see it wasn't delayed. ^_^

Gamer60563197d ago

Metal Gear Solid for psp! Love my go!!!!!!! :)

NexGen3197d ago

Now this is an update. Portable ops and ffviii....oh yeah.

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