Spawn Kill: Heavy Rain Hands-On Preview

Read my preview of Heavy Rain as I discuss the mix of intuitive controls with some that might take time to get used to, the striking motion capture graphics, and the incredible immersive story sequences you will encounter. One of the fights I found myself engaged in:

"He didn't seem like the reasonable type, so I jarred the Sixaxis forward and kicked the door open, and he wasn't in the mood for tea and crumpets to chat about it either. I engaged him in an all-out fight, and it was exciting as hell. Heads were smashed through glass, slammed against the table, fists flying through the air. It was wild, fast, and it was damn fun."

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K-Tuck3077d ago

This game looks great. I just don't know if its a must-have.

jaseo3077d ago

if a game is created with passion, you feel it. Wonder how long the 'game' is?

Like a movie, maybe it's best played from start to finish in one sitting?

tigresa3076d ago

Interesting point, but it is going to be in the 10-15 hour range. Might be a little tiring to pull one of those!

ihaten4glol3077d ago

You're getting me wet for Heavy Rain.

Snarkasaur3076d ago

50 bucks for a hooker is not that bad.

rrquinta3076d ago

LOL. I'm leaning more and more toward a pre-order on this one... Great preview, btw.