Game Ads from 1994

Bad game ads...from all the way back in 1994.

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Digitaldude3306d ago

Lol thats not a spoof right?

FishCake9T43306d ago

Hey dont diss, 1994 was a great year.

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ico923306d ago

lol @ the rayman ad i mean wtf were they thinking

Kakihara3306d ago

There's nothing funny about this, I lost both my parents in the Centipede wars.

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jerethdagryphon3306d ago

there was nothing wrong with brutal paws of fury, if you like that sort of game

specialguest3306d ago

I remember all of those ads, and more. I still have a sizable collection of EGM magazines, most in poor condition though. Damn, I miss my childhood now.

Grandreaper99993306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

I used to cut out ads from my old game magazines and stick them to my wall. I remember having this HUGE collage of videogame characters, all positioned in a way that made them appear to be in an enormous, epic battle. They were all pulled from old magazines like EGM, Gamepro, Nintendo Power, Tips & Tricks, Insite and other random mags I came across.

Needless to say, my wall required a major paint job after removing that spectacle. I wanted it to stay there forever!!!

Tripl3seis3306d ago

Omg I remember those ads I miss those days they were great no fanboys no console wars damn!! Btw that was a great year for us gamers hehehehe

The_Savior3306d ago

...Are you kidding me?
Don't you remember Nintendo vs. Sega?

Genesis/Saturn vs. SNES?

"Genesis does what Nintendon't"?
You remember that?

What about N64 vs. PS1?

There were just no sites like N4G for fanboys
to bicker and argue over the "best" console.

...But they sure as hell existed all right.

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The story is too old to be commented.