Hidden secrets of the Wii remote

Did you know that the Wii remote has an audio translator that can pick up analog audio signals (such as human speech) and translate it to a data signal that can be transferred to the Wii? What? You didn't? Discover the hidden architecture of the mysterious Wii remote in this visual CNN Money article.

See the link at the alternative sources for the full article.

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ITR4191d ago

Hmm if thats true..maybe Nintendo will come out with VOIP?

I keep hearing fans asking for it.

Marty83704191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Wiimote is crap. Like the Wii itself.

GamingFun4191d ago

Just like every other system out there in the world is crap except for the PS3 that is, right?

Just leave thoughs kind of comment where they belong... in your head

ChickeyCantor4191d ago

PS3 fan = [input insult here]

M_Prime4191d ago

I Wonder why you only have 1 speech bubble... HMM..

also i don't see them doing the INNER WORKINGS OF THE PS3 CONTROLLER... hmm i wonder why?

Xeoset4191d ago

"PS3 fan = [input insult here]"

PS3 fan = PS3 fan...Now that's an insult! Oh Karma!

ItsDubC4191d ago

lol, PS3 Fan is ignored by 14 users. Prime example of fanboy troll, and one who adds zero value to n4g and perhaps humanity as a whole.

AcidRhain4190d ago

What you say must be true. But given the fact that you sniff glue to get high, I would say you're just play stupid.

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emptiness4191d ago

7 insulting words from "PS3 Fan" and he gets 5 replies...that's impressive for someone who's insignificant. anyway i hope nintendo utilizes this wiimote function. my concern is, where's the mic? unless the built-in speaker acts like a mic as well i don't see how they'll utilize this function without releasing a mic attachment, which is lame.

PS360WII4191d ago

sometimes haters need some love too....

Yeah good point. Does an attachment need to be there in order for this tech to be at it's working stage? Boogie is going to use mic features, it would be nice if you didn't need anything else but..

ITR4191d ago

Both Boogie and HighSchool come with a mic is probably needed.