The Price of Video Games: What's A Gamer To Do?

Gamerz Ink writes: If gravity somehow doesn't show up to work one morning, it would be fair to assume that money would keep the world spinning. It's also fair to assume that most gamers are blissfully ignorant when it comes to economic and financial matters.

A constantly changing economic climate, and the glacial rate of adaptation in the Australian video game marketplace can make finance news all the more valuable to gamers. Recently, the relatively strong Australian economy with low unemployment and higher interest rates have increased global demand for our currency, pushing the value of our dollar upwards of US$0.90.

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alphakennybody3254d ago

what gamers to do, what else but petitions. Its the trend lately

deadreckoning6663254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Spend money on games that you KNOW will be worth it. Im not buyin U2 or MW2 this year and saving my cash for Agent and Starhawk to buy em on day one. Im very happy with my decision. Also, gamers should stop supporting Gamestop. They rip people off so bad their. Another thg is that gamers don't have to pay tax in places like Amazon or

IdleLeeSiuLung3254d ago

relative to the value they provide. Why is that?

Think about how many hours you can play on a game and then compare that to the cost of going to a movie theater to watch a movie or buying a DVD (or even a blu-ray movie). Afterwards, there is a resell value. If you are an online gamer, you have even more re-playability.

Now, if you still think it is too expensive. How about, waiting until the game drops in price within 3-6 months. Usually it drops to 50% of the cost, around $30. If you still have an issue, then I'm amazed at how you were willing to fork over $200-300 for the console in the first place knowing the game prices!!!

I know this isn't popular opinion, but frankly, the problem with games isn't the cost, but rather the high up-front cost people see.

FarEastOrient3254d ago

Cry about your wallet, than buy the game when it gets lower in price. That's what I do...

sorceror1713253d ago

I picked up inFamous day 1, but other than that I stick to used or older games. Saves money, and I know which games are good. This xmas, I should get Uncharted 1 and maybe Lair. By the time my birthday comes 'round, Brutal Legend, Batman: AA, and Uncharted 2 should be discounted.

Though I admit, there are downsides:

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Myst3254d ago

I've found a variaty of ways to enjoy games even though I have other things to take care such as: Car repairs and or maintenance, not to mention college fees. Getting paid every other week doesn't help in that manner either so I started renting games again and looking heavily into games that I know I will get a lot of value out of.

For example Demon's Souls and Borderlands have been my latest purchases and perhaps my last for the year until everything else is straightened out. Unless my folks this year want to get me something for Christmas, if I don't get more hours then it means Uncharted 2 for next year, with only a slim possibility for the end of this year.

I'd say renting games is one of those saving graces that most often will get overlooked or so it seems with day one purchase, or price drop purchases.

Vonsutton3254d ago

Renting games is something most people do overlook. The majority of titles take around 8-12 hours to complete, and are perfect for a weekend hire.

Or you can always use EB Games' 7-day return policy to 'rent' a video game..

Myst3254d ago

Exactly! That's what a friend and I did for Batman, and just beat it in one night playing non-stop. The rental fee was 3.25 or something like that to. Fun game I might add.

I thought EB got rid of that policy? Or at least re-worded it a bit so that you could only exchange for the same product.

N4Gmodsaredouches3254d ago

wait for a price drop....

For the big ones I always seem to be able to find them for $49.99 on sale somewhere ... play them till I'm done and then trade them in for $40 at BB/FS or EB. Ends up being cheaper than renting.

Vonsutton3254d ago

Sales are also another good way of picking up your games for less. I am quite the bargin hunter, and even if you wait about a month after release, most games drop in price considerably.

We have a electronic retail store in OZ called JB Hi Fi. They are constantly trying to outdo EB Games, so their video game prices are always $20-30 cheaper than the competition.

Sometimes it just pays to wait.

Vonsutton3254d ago

I'm from Australia, and EB Games down here still have the 7-day return policy. My friends use it all the, especially when they are not too sure about a particular title.

Where are you from Nuri? Does Gamestop have a similar return feature?

Myst3254d ago

That I'm not sure of, here I know they have a 30 day return policy in the states. Where if opened you can basically return it for the same product and that's about it. Though if it is unopened then you can return it I believe...

Not sure I haven't tried that '7-day' rule thing in about...5 years now? I think I tried it once and then went to renting because it didn't work out the way I had planned.

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