Unreal Engine 3 vs. CryEngine 2 graphics comparison

PC Games Online compares the graphics of Epic's Unreal Engine 3 with Crytek's CryEngine 2.
All images are included here at N4G in their original size.

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tony4197d ago

cry engine all the way. even if they put the unrealtournament prerender pics next to crysis gameplay pics.

Grown Folks Talk4197d ago

on robert horry and david stern screwing up your season. on topic, i don't care which looks better as long as they are used to create good games.

clownfacemcgee4196d ago

The Cryengine2 was soooooooo powerful, it made me cry that crysis is going to be a pc exclusive. On those faces, I honestly thought they were real. Every little dip and divet in their faces COMPLETELY accurately portrayed. Bags under their eyes. Lips look realistic. If the heads were attached to a body, I wouldn't have a clue. I don't care if the Cryengine2 needs a mega-powerful machine, [email protected] proved the PS3 can put out a lot of power, and I'm sure the 360 could hold it's own with a triple core 3.2 GHz each. I really really really hope some company uses the Cryengine2 on consoles, 'cause those graphics looked better than the Final Fantasy XIII screenshots.

dissectionalrr4197d ago

they look pretty much the same to me. certainly not different enough to be able to tell when you have bullets flying over your head.

MySwordIsHeavenly4197d ago

Are you on crack???

Dude, the cryengine2 obviously has a HUGE advantage. Epic and Midway would say it themselves that it trounces their Unreal Engine 3...

As much as I know UTIII will be the better game...Crysis will still have UTIII in graphics. It's really not a fair comparison...

It's like Farcry against Half-life 2. Farcry definitely had the graphics...but Half-life had the physics...

Know what I mean?

mcintosh2334197d ago

are there any other games in development with the crytek engine
hopefully on consoles cos i don't think my pc will be able to cut it

DeadlyFire4197d ago

What? Are you serious? PC is already much more powerful than consoles. The Consoles are the ones you should be worring about. The engine is bound to put a strain on the consoles. Most Mid-high end Dual or Quad core Computers should run the game perfectly fine.

Crytek's engine will be on the consoles next year with FarCry 2 or something they are working on for the consoles and PC. Crysis and the PC version of their new project will be superior graphically though to the console games since it sports DirectX 10.

Foxx774197d ago

I think he really means that he doesn't have a 1 or 2 thousand dollar computer that sports dual or quad core cpu's and directx10 cards which are still pretty expensive. I agree that computers are more powerful, they always will be but it would be nice to see if the engine can make the transformation that it would need to in order to hit 60 fps on the PS3 or the 360.

clownfacemcgee4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

The xbox 360 is tri-core running at 3.2 GHz. The PS3 has 1 main and 7 SPE's (synergistic processing elements)(which do all the computing) all running at 3.2 GHz. Even if you have the best top notch processor, that's quad-core running at 3.2 GHz each, that's still just a bit more powerful than the 360 and not as powerful as the PS3.

PS3 has 256 MB of ram for the cpu and 256 MB for the gpu. 360 has 512 MB of ram shared, which comes out to 256 MB each when divided by two (for the two processors). Yes, PC's have far more ram, but for gaming, the data is streamed from the disc, then stored for a tiny bit, then streamed to the cpu, then wherever it's destined. Ram is great for running multiple programs, and I'm sure PC's have figured out how to use it to their advantage for gaming, but it's not a deal maker/breaker.

Also, do you really believe that a machine, designed for multiple things, is going to do games as well as a machine designed specifically for games? Consoles are used for games. The PS3's web browser sucks so bad, but the games (still waiting for Lair) are awesome. I can't vouch for the 360 yet, but it's also a game's machine, so it's going to play games a hell of a lot better than it trolls the interwebs. My PC is decent and pretty recent, and I play WoW on it, and surf the web on it, and tell theMart how much of a moron he is on it, and watch videos on it, but when it comes to hardcore games, I do that on my console.

Hardcore PC's that can play games like crysis, cost a lot of money. I'm not willing to drop 1-2 grand every 2 years to play the latest and greatest PC games. I can't roll in money, so I like the deals consoles get me of a $400-$600 investment that pays off over the lifespan (10 years my ass, more like 5 or 6 probably).

specialguest4197d ago

I'll take the CryEngine 2 please!

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