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Submitted by Cat 2317d ago | review

Demon's Souls - ZTGD Review

The Wombat writes: In the early years of gaming, a lot of games were tough by necessity. Arcade games were tough so they could munch more of your hard earned quarters. Home console games were tough as a substitute for longer (or better) content. As gaming has evolved, many developers have taken advantage of the sweeping changes in technology to create longer more involved games that are less concerned with difficulty and more concerned with killer graphics or immersion. As a side effect of this progression fewer and fewer games every year are hardcore, beat you down, and throw your controller through the nearest wall tough. Once in a while a game comes along and bucks this trend. Demon's Souls is an immersion filled experience with great graphics and solid gameplay. It's not trying to munch your quarters and it's certainly not trying to stretch out its lengthy campaign. Demon's Souls is difficult by design not by necessity. You will die...a lot. You will get frustrated. If you allow this game to get its hooks in you, however, you will push through levels that are challenging at best and nearly Sisyphean at their worst and find an experience that is unlike any other console RPG. (Demon's Souls, PS3) 9.2/10

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Morituri  +   2317d ago
Sissy-mary's need not apply.
Just a few more days till I get my behind handed to me by Demon's Souls, and I couldn't be more excited.
Marceles  +   2317d ago
It's "On The Way" from GameFly, I can't wait to start playing it. I'll have to cram alot of hours in before Uncharted 2 comes out.
BlackTar187  +   2317d ago
Its on the way for me as well for gamefly i cant wait. I have ODST,Demon Soul and wolfenstein thru GF. and I bought NG2,UC2,R&C,and operation flashpoint im renting. so many fricken games
also playing Sacred 2 and just got glitched out of marvel ultimate alliance Platinum

Do not play that game Coop or if you do i hope it doesnt mess up me and 3 friends were all screwed out of a platinum 2 of us together the other 2 individually.
GamerPS360  +   2317d ago
on the way from newegg. ordered uncharted 2 as well. Now, I need to go work on construction for extra money :)
Max Power  +   2317d ago
I hear your pain because I am in the same boat and we aren't the only ones who'll have to pull some late nights to play a healthy portion of Demon's Souls prior too the mega-ton drop of Uncharted 2.
Bobby Kotex  +   2317d ago
I got the deluxe edition from Amazon, no tax free shipping and delivery on tuesday. GameSpot can eat a fat one.
Consoldtobots  +   2317d ago
this gem is a timesink, once you pick your character and go through the first realm.......6 HOURS LATER you find you are just starting to realize how much fun you will have with this game after having 6 hours of immersive fun. Once you defeat your first deathknight(lack of a better name for now) you will find yourself even more engaged in the gameplay. Once you get your characters strength past 20 and you can wield heavy swords with one hand while using a shield with the other you will want to rampage through earlier levels all over again just to see undead soldiers and deathknights fall in one and two strikes (respectively). The combat system makes Oblivion look it was programmed by retards with down syndrome.
Ravage27  +   2317d ago
@Consoldtobots agreed
In terms of immersion, DS is pretty much unbeatable. It may be hard to believe, but the punishing difficulty is actually one of reasons. This game has the best atmosphere i have experienced in a long long time.

Oh yes, don't be fooled by its slight (cosmetic)resemblance to oblivion4, oblivion's combat is broken compared to this gem.
SuperSaiyan4  +   2317d ago
Am interested
In this game might get it for my PS3 however what on earth happend to White Knight Chronicles?? Is that not coming to Europe??
TheBand1t  +   2317d ago
This game isn't coming to Europe either as far as I'm aware. You'd have to import from the US.

WKC comes early 2010.
hdesroses   2317d ago | Spam
Noctis Aftermath  +   2317d ago
this > WKC easily.

Also in the review i find it funny how he had the difficulty listed as both a Pro and a Con.
I personally can't see the difficulty being a Con because if you made the game easier it would pretty much ruin it for everyone who plans to buy it.
ceedubya9  +   2317d ago
As far as difficulty
Are we talking Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry 3 hard? If so, I can handle those.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2317d ago
It's the kind of difficulty where some mobs can 1 shot you, but most need to hit you a few times and you need to think and react differently to different enemies.
TheBand1t  +   2317d ago
The difficulty is that it punishes you severely for stupid mistakes. As long as you go along slowly and not get impatient, it becomes more managable.
morganfell  +   2317d ago
Agree with TheBand1t. It is for the punishment and loss of items I rate it above NG difficulty although The Path of the Master Ninja difficulty has been handing me my lunch.

But DS as difficult as it is didn't frustrate when I was killed but rather made me even more determined to throw myself back into the fray.
Sarcasm  +   2317d ago
If the difficulty is challenging, not cheap then it's much more rewarding.

IMO Ninja Gaiden is more cheap than challenging. You could be high on 5 redbulls and have the reflex of 10 meerkats and still get killed.

Demon's Souls looks more like "Patience" and "Thought" is the keys to success.

Definitely going to pick it up now. Just one more day.
morganfell  +   2317d ago
It is absolutely worth it. I have had the Asian Import for several months and enjoyed every minute.
sashimi  +   2317d ago
yet another good review
happy i am picking this up tomorrow with my buddy :) pre-orders ftw!
support Atlus!
Noctis Aftermath  +   2317d ago
yes support Atlas, but more importantly support From Software! those guys pulled off something special and should make a sequel ( with support from sony to help improve graphics and add alot of new stuff in #2).
spunnups  +   2317d ago
I'll have the deluxe edition in my hands for only $60 same day delivery via Amazon thanks to the NeoGaf forums
Max Power  +   2317d ago
I had to...
pre-order the game at gamestop (I try not to give them that much business) but it'll be worth it.
Myst  +   2317d ago
@Max power
So you pre-ordered to? I did the same thing because of this site. After seeing all the reviews I figured it'd be best less I have to wait a few more months to play this game. Though I will say I can't freakin' wait, just one more day (Hopefully it will actually come out tomorrow and not the day after street date!)
Max Power  +   2317d ago
Yep, I was never compelled to pick up a Deluxe Edition of a game before. There is something about this game that really makes it all worth it.
Myst  +   2317d ago
@Max power
lucky, I should have; but didn't pre-order the deluxe edition. I was probably thinking the strategy guide wasn't needed, though if they allow me to I will more than likely switch my pre-ordered money over to the deluxe and pick that up.

Figured those blood stains and messages would have been enough to help through the game.
Max Power  +   2317d ago
I can't freakin' wait for this game, I have been graving an RPG to play this year that interested me, and this one does that and then some.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2317d ago
why not head over to gamestop? some places are selling it early, in my case the website i ordered it from has already shipped it and i just gotta wait a few days before i can start playing this (live outside us).
Max Power  +   2317d ago
I was planning on picking up after my classes tomorrow. If I get it now I won't do my homework which is due tomorrow.
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Myst  +   2317d ago
You don't have a type of Fall break Max power? Basically a four day weekend for me, I thought other places had it as well..
Snatcher  +   2317d ago
I want this game for my PS3.
OmarJA  +   2317d ago
I want it on my 360 but it can't handle AAA JRPGs... :(
Miraak82  +   2317d ago
have mine ordered from amazon , Oh Ya Deluxe Edition ,I think I get strategy guide with it too and exclusive 30-day first access to the Wraith Costume Set :)
Ron Zook  +   2317d ago
cant wait! i preordered the deluxe version last week from gogamer for $50 shipped! bring it on!
Highatus  +   2317d ago
Deluxe edition should be here tomorrow... Can't wait!
gravv  +   2317d ago
u must buy a ps3 first....
Snatcher  +   2317d ago
I already have one.
dustgavin  +   2317d ago
I can't decide if I want this or Uncharted 2 first. Great review score!
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Relientk77  +   2317d ago
This is going to be a sleeper hit
McLuvn  +   2317d ago
Quite a few Sony
RPG fans have been starved for too long.
The hunger will again be fed tomorrow.

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