IGN: Need for Speed Shift PSP Review

IGN writes: "Need for Speed Shift on the PSP could have been a fun title as the controls are pretty responsive and powersliding around corners is fun. It also runs really well, which is always a plus. However, the bottlenecked career mode is way too restrictive, and since you can't really control what cars you earn, it just feels like you're going through the paces after a short while".

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Chubear3253d ago

... makes no frikgen sense IGN.

xjoshbx3253d ago

makes perfect sense. Have you seen the trailers and details about the psp version? It's nothing like the console version... it also throws in the gay battles against these posing fools that "own" the races.

Ravage273253d ago

suggestion: why don't you review a psp game AS a psp game?

Loxhart3253d ago

They should know that this is still a handheld game, you can't expect a console version to be ported straight to handheld.

DigitalAnalog3253d ago

I've noticed PSP games are getting very poor reviews lately. Maybe IGN is duking their frustration out because they had to give U2 a 10 in graphics.....

bjornbear3253d ago

Hey IGN...its a PSP, not a PS3....get it straight....its meant to be portable

I think their problem is they play the game IN THE OFFICE, in a console enviroment with next gen games all around them.

You don't play your PSP in that enviroment.
You play your PSP in the bus, the train, waiting for something, at the beach, when ur OUT!
IT - IS - PORTABLE.....if they do it sitting in their office then obviously it won't have same effect...morons

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