GT PSP is a bit dissapointing, will GT5 face the same fate? " By now, most of the gaming community have seen the latest reviews for GT on PSP. But what is extraordinary is the lackluster reviews from well know gaming websites such as IGN (6.8 / 10), Eurogamer (7 / 10) and CVG (6.7 / 10).

While there were some positive reviews ( comes to mind (9/10)), I'm really very disappointed as I have expected the game to get better scores and to be more positively received by the critics."

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IcyJoker1873051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Holy crap dude is a game on the PSP without a career mode with only 1.7G of space getting lukewarm reviews means the full game on the PS3 will be bad too? Hell no.

FlipMode3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Anyway the only problem was really no career mode and Online and since GT5 will have both, No Worries.

Gabe EatsWell3051d ago

Yup career mode was the only problem. Dont worry guys, GT5 will rock.

Greywulf3051d ago

The physics are great.
The graphics are great.
It runs at 60fps.

GT5 has..

Career mode.
16 car online.


LiquifiedArt3051d ago

...As dissapointed as I am, you simply cannot compare a PSP GT game with a Blu-Ray GT game. I mean i'm willing to bet they left out Career mode on the PSP game because of Space issues (which sucks).

Microsoft Xbox 3603051d ago

GT Mobile is a pick up and go sim racer. GT5 will be the full experience. This article is useless.

Bereaver3051d ago

Yeah, and I think that it's all too hilarious that they are using Eurogamer's review score too lololol.

rockleex3051d ago


Then obviously they will not face the same problems.

BattleAxe3051d ago

I hope the PSP 4000 comes with a mini Blu-Ray drive to replace the UMD, but backwards compatibility would be nice.

Shadow Flare3051d ago

Comparing GT PSP to GT5 is like comparing Metal Gear Solid 4 to a psp Metal Gear game.

Don't do it because they're completely different experiences. The console titles also have a history of quality

Sarcasm3051d ago

Actually come to think of it, it's the PSP Go's fault. Cause they limited it to under 1000mb for the digital download. Thus, they are not even using the full 1.7gb that's usually available on UMD.

And no GT5 will not suffer the same fate. The biggest complaint is universal, NO CAREER MODE as well as cumbersome car buying and no upgrades.

GT5 will include all those features and MORE.

Dragun6193051d ago

Well,Gran Turismo 5 so far features
-World Rally Championship License
-Nascar License
-Weather Changes
-Night Racing
-simulate Damages /Crashes in Real time
-supports online racing
-16 player versus
-A new physics engine
-A new in-cokpit view
-HD support (1080/ 7.1 surround sound)
-with more than 600 vehicles
-a track count somewhere in the 90s
-user-created tracks (put together from existing parts)
-head tracking with the PlayStation Eye.
-And all running at 60 Frames per Second.

hopefully more to come at TGS like a release date

RememberThe3573051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

But they are also not present in the console version. GT5 does not need to be able to be enjoyed in small doses. GT PSP does. That limits the design possibilities in ways that GT5 does not need to worry about.

GT is a stand out franchise, but Sony has taken this "bite size" gameplay thing a bit far. People play GT for it's career mode. Taking that out was not a great idea. But it makes sense when you think about gaming on the go. And believe that this mistake won't be made in the inevitable sequel.

GT5 is safe and sound. No worries here.

vhero3051d ago

The main difference was getting a game as big as GT on that small UMD. With the sheer amount of cars of course there wasn't gonna be a career mode. They could have put it in and ditched half the cars... Reviewers are fickle and don't take certain things into account when making reviews but GT5 is a whole differnt ball game its on bluray for a start. Also this article is flamebait "will GT5 suffer the same fate"?? only a 360 fanboy would ever think that.

starvinbull3051d ago

That's 6.8 out of 10 when you apply the Sony factor.

likedamaster3050d ago

Who really thought GTPSP was going to move handhelds let alone be good? Another question, who actually cared for this title?

mfwahwah3050d ago


Me. Since the day I bought my PSP-1000 years ago.

lightningsax3050d ago

ahem, ahem...

No! It will not!

That is all.

stevenhiggster3050d ago

Sorry to hijack but LMAO at the amount of disagrees the top few comments have, what is there to disagree about!?

Some people on this site really are freaks.

And on topic, NO don't be stupid, GT5 will be amazing. I think people's expectaions for GT psp were a bit too high, they were expecting GT5 on the psp and that was never going to happen.

ceedubya93050d ago

PSP UMD does have its limitations. The developers obviously went with what they thought worked best for a portable game despite how good or bad a decision that was.

PS3 game will be fully featured. No worries there. The only thing that could go wrong is if the gameplay was screwed up. After so many sequels in the franchise, I don't see that happening.

f7897903050d ago

It's everything we've already played before, except now it's on the PSP.

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Sunny_D3051d ago

Stupid article is stupid. Yes, lets compare the handheld version which PD mostly rushed to make gamers happy to a Full fledged Console game that has been in development for years. Because, 320x210 (made up) screen is the same as 1920x1080P @ 60FPS. Well both are 60fps, but you get the drift.

hardcore19123051d ago

Gamers expected that GT on PSP to be goundbreaking, but now it's a very different story now. I'm not bashing GT, but even the best game series can fall apart, no one knows but I hope the best for the GT series :)

raztad3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

GT psp is groundbreaking, there is no other sim like GT on a portable. Low scores are related to stuff Gt lacks, like career mode.

It's clear many want GT5 to fail but that aint happening. GT5 will be an incredible game and GT psp a quick fix on the go and for some adhoc party.

Haters are blowing all this GT psp out of proportion, they will look very stupid when GT5 ships.


I dont get your point.

Are you talking about Gt or about the psp itself?

Because I'm not saying GT should score a 9/10, just saying GT is a sim racing game, with all the handling, driving, physics of its elder brothers, and on top of that, amazing visuals. In that sense it is groundbreaking, no other game can replicate that experience on a portable.

Johnny Rotten3051d ago

I think we've already seen what "ground breaking" is on the PSP, people who thought it would be any different than that were setting themselves up for disappointment.

Not being negative here but come on it's been 5 years now and it's the same portable that it was back then. That doesn't mean that it can't be one of the best hand held racers out there though.

Bereaver3051d ago

I just don't see why you would give something a low grade for something it's not. It's on a fricking hand held! It's beautiful! Jeeze!

But but but... it doesn't have career mode..... but but but.... but......... but but but......

irish-leprecaun3051d ago

i disapear for 2 months and return with 2 less bubbles!!
but you dissapear with hardly any and magically reappear with 10!!!!???god you are popular!

DaTruth3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Career mode was left out and completely destroys a handheld GT, regardless of all the incredible things they did with it; But I bet weather changes and night time driving being left out, won't hurt Forza reviews.

The article is correct, but only as far as reviews go; I have no doubt that biased review sites will find something to push down GT5 review scores. "Too much variety!", "Choosing between so many cars gave me a headache!", "There are so many tracks, I can't get good by memorizing them!" and "The game is too real, if I wanted real life, I wouldn't be playing videogames!"

mfwahwah3050d ago

PD rushed this? I heard about this game like 5 or 6 years ago. That's a pretty slow rush.

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Darkeyes3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Lol... Ya we will see what happens when GT5 lands.... Besides all the complains about GT:PSP were related to lack of Career mode and Customization which is the bread and butter of every GT console game...

I knew we will see some of these articles... And I am damn sure these guys will have to dine on a crow when GT5 launches....

And besides... There is a LOT of difference between what you can cramp in a 1.7GB UMD and a 50GB Blu-Ray disc... I am pretty sure that GT:PSP suffered from space issues.... Perfection cannot be attained with limitations....

All Reviews said Great Physics, Great looking and Great feel of realism which speaks loads of what GT5 will be....

General Jewels3051d ago

signs of GT5 failing....aswell FLOP GT PSP lol

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3051d ago

"Halo 3:RRoDST is a bit dissapointing, will 'Halo:OGNAO'* face the same fate?"

" " By now, most of the gaming community have seen the latest reviews for Halo 3:RRoDST. But what is extraordinary is the lackluster reviews from well know gaming websites such as IGN (2.8 / 10), Eurogamer (4 / 10) and CVG (1.7 / 10).

While there were some positive reviews ( comes to mind (11/10)), I'm really very disappointed as I have expected the game to get better scores and to be more positively received by the critics."

* = Halo:Oh God Not Another One!!! ;-D

morganfell3051d ago

You just sank yourself on this site.

talltony3051d ago

I am sure you would love nothing more than GT5 to fail. But guess what, all the complaints on GT PSP is the lack of career mode. They have already said GT5 will have a freakin career mode. So I am sorry to burst your bubble but your dream will not come true.

Ron_Burgundy3050d ago

Halo RRoDst seems a bit disapointing, will Halo "Rear" face the same fate?

General Jewels3050d ago

Oh yes it will GT5 fate is dim, after the poor performence by GT PSP is awful. i mean GT fans how long with people accept no damage on road cars? you think you can get away with only generic rally damage? all of your cars are bumper cars. fake driving game will no damage is pathetic, move over time for Forza 3 the new king.

talltony3050d ago

You make laugh at how much of a fanboy you are. You are what you call "DELUSIONAL" plain and simple. Comparing Gt5 to a psp game with no career? really? lmao I bet you even think forza 3 has better graphics than GT5 let alone Prologue. You are crazy!

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