PS3 Spider Man 3 Game Intro

Still not sure if you're going to buy the Spider man 3 game? Well here's a clip that will either repel or attract you depending on your opinion of the character models. There is something inherently creepy about 3D characters modeled after real life people, especially celebrities since we are so used to what they look like. The models always seem.. I don't know.. off somehow.

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paracardium4215d ago

Looks pretty good .. it's the fun factor that counts for movie games.

nice_cuppa4214d ago

the fights are good !

everything else is the WORST FILM EVER !

not a good sign !

sak5004214d ago

The games sux a$$ so whats the point of having all the cgi stuffed in?

IPlayGames4214d ago

If you liked the other two spideys then youll like this one.

They added some GodOW icon kills other than that and the graphics its pretty much the same game.

sumfood4u4214d ago

This intro looks nice PS3 graphics.

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