Diablo 3 Release Date 2010 Hinted

Blizzard just had there Q2 Conference Call where they delayed Starcraft into first quarter of 2010 and also hinted Diablo 3 release date 2010.

Continue to read about the hint about Diablo III release date 2010 by Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's CEO...

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-MD-2998d ago

So far 2009 has been one of the worst years for gaming however the coming months might make up for it.

2010 looks like AAA games will be releasing throughout the entire year.

Torkith2998d ago

I'd be willing to bet we'll see Starcraft 2 + a new WoW expansion next year. With Diablo 3 in 2011. *sigh*

Hey, I hope I'm wrong, but there isn't a WoW expansion hitting this year, so it HAS to be next year.

Odion2998d ago

You are correct sir.

A WoW X-Pac has come out every 2 years, and guess what Wrath of an 08 title, You'll be seeing SC2 and WoW X-Pac 3 next year, Diablo 3 the year after and the next SC x-pac the year after that.

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QQcrybaby2997d ago

I highly doubt we will see d3 in 2010. I really hope so, but I know better than to expect it.

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