Apple tablet device 'is a games console'

An analyst who claims to have seen a prototype of Apple's new secret project says the company is building a multimedia device that will play videogames.

The source adds to a growing list of eyewitnesses who insist they have been shown Apple's newest product.

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user8586213391d ago

Welcome Apple 2 the console market :)

jessehaysfl3391d ago

sooo Am I correct in thinking Ipod touch:sigma?




Sorry its hard for me to read apple and game console in the same sentence.....granted the touch and phone are popular but as game consoles? I always thought they were media devices that just happend to have pretty good time killing games on them...

Does this mean we will see PS4,NeXbox,WiiHD AND iGame all at the same time?

PinkUni3391d ago

all they said was that it plays games

knowing apple, they aren't going to try and compete with nintendo microsoft and sony

this is as legitimate as calling the iphone the psp rival

if this thing is competing with anything, its competing with laptops

jessehaysfl3391d ago

Pink I agree but sadly people are comparing the iphone/touch with ds and psp......

DeadlyFire3391d ago

Console market = no way. 10 inch screen = portable market. This thing might compete with DS and PSP. It will have to be a hell of a good setup and features for anyone to pay $800 bucks for it though. Never know though. It has an apple stamp on it.

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MrRaveDave3391d ago

If apple had shown them this tablet device I can certainly bet my money that there would have been an NDA signed before they got within 10 miles of the product.

I call BS

Millah3391d ago

Yea I HIGHLY doubt anyone besides the employees working on this project have seen the thing. Then again, if it is getting close to an actual announcement, then they would have to start manufacturing them which would then make it more likely for someone to get a glimpse at it.

But I don't think Apple would actually show it to anyone. Apple handles new product development like top secret CIA meetings lol. Employees working on new products have said they go into top secret labs with heavy security and have constant monitoring on them at all times.

Tempist3391d ago

I think this is a great idea. It's going to introduce people into gaming like the Wii did and then those people will go one of two ways: On to a 360 or PS3 or not bother with gaming anymore. Thanks for being a gateway console Apple.

Seriously, can the market even support another casual gaming machine?

villevalorox3391d ago

if it is only 800 Im in :D.. I need an apple for college. and If this can run games it will be able to run the programs I need it 2 :P

It's really nice looking as well :P

kraze073391d ago

Wouldn't it being a tablet device classify it as a portable and not a console?