Top 10 Lists: The Top 10 Forgotten Rpgs

Gamefaqs writes.... Throughout the history of gaming, there have been many a great rpg. However, relatively few have held their recognition with a very small number remembered as being great (Chrono Trigger, FF6, etc) and instead people gravitate towards series instead of individual games. This list will designate some of the unfortunate forgotten titles, great rpgs both in their day and perhaps in some ways great even to this day. All these titles contained aspects of greatness which deserve some measure of recognition. So, without further ado, I present the forgotten:

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BlackIceJoe3418d ago

I remember The 7th Saga, Riviera, Shadowrun, Parasite Eve, Legend of Legaia, Secret of Evermore, The Legend of Dragoon & EVO - The Search for Eden. The other two I never heard of before. Parasite Eve is getting a sequel. Rumored that Legend of Dragoon will also get a sequel.

Riviera got a remake and there was not to long ago a shadowrun game. But it was nothing like the original. The good news Smith and Tinker is said they will work on another Shadowrun. So some of these games we have seen of not that long ago. But at the same time many people do not know about these wonderful RPG's and it would be nice if more of these RPG's got another chance at life.

phosphor1123418d ago

That game had such an unintuitive design, it almost broke the game.

yamamoto1143418d ago

I like how he spent two seconds on Riviera and skipped the whole relationship/dialogue character development aspect of it, which makes up like 75% of the game. Granted, it's nothing special (compared to the typical Japanese market at least), but it's important enough to merit at least a mention, and unique enough in America to draw some attention.

Myst3418d ago

I don't think Legend of Dragoon has been forgotten, lots of people still clamor for a sequel or at least a part II. Even coming from my friend's house he was still playing the game.

Though I do think some of the others are possibly being forgotten, not including Parasite Eve as much (perhaps?)

mastiffchild3418d ago

I agree how is LoD forgotten? It's one of the most missed franchises there is these days and The Third Birthday is coming out for PSP so Parasite Eve is still about, isn't it?

Thing is there's just about a million rpg/jrpgs that have a niche, but loyal, fanbase that could qualify for a list like this so, imo, the author gave themselves a real hard job there.

mfwahwah3418d ago

LoD definitely shouldn't be on this list. I'm playing it right currently.

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La Chance3418d ago

I'd put Baten Kaitos on the GC in the list too, but it wasnt was never considered at all though it was great game.

It would be wonderful if Namco could bring it back on the 360/PS3.

-Mezzo-3418d ago

WOW. not leaving this time either.

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