SFX-360: Battlefield 1943 Review

SFX-360 writes: "I know a good deal when I see one and I can honestly say that DICE's Battlefield 1943 is an AWESOME deal at 15 bucks! DICE has managed to take all the fun and excitement of a full sized Battlefield game and comfortably put it into a cheaply priced downloadable game without any real sacrifices. This game breaks all boundaries of what we expect when we think of downloadable games.

Revolving around the famous wars in the pacific, 1943 allows for the US Marines to take on Japanese forces on land, air, and sea. With 12 players on each side and large maps with multiple weapons, buildings, lookout points, planes, trucks, jeeps, and even tanks on them the battles are exactly what you would expect from a Battlefield game. Each map is well thought out and provides plenty of fun no matter what your preference is. The location of the flag points are strategically placed and lend well to creating perfect attack and defend scenarios..."

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