Battlefield 1943 Can Now be Played on The Xbox One

Yes, it is official! Battlefield 1943 is now backward compatible on the Xbox One.

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gangsta_red27d ago

Terrific news, one of the best Battlefield games.

ConsoleGamer27d ago

Maybe because it is now available via xbox back compatibility, lmao.

gamer780427d ago

Its a classic multiplayer game based off battlefield 1942 which was fantastic.

Elwenil27d ago

BF1942 was fantastic, but 1943 is the equivalent of a cellphone port. Fun for a bit, but too small and lacking.

gangsta_red27d ago

Because it's a fun game and I spent many hours on it for 360.

JEECE27d ago

Because he never played bf1942 to know that this is a garbage remake.

mark_parch27d ago

this is my second favourite battlefield game behind bad company 2

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2pacalypsenow27d ago

It was a Marketplace game lol it was really small.

Still fun but it wasn’t a full fledged BF game.

gangsta_red27d ago

I think because it was small is what made it fun. Small maps and always engaged with players. Sort of like the Bad Company maps.

coolbeans27d ago

I think that's part of the appeal though. Having a more digestible product whilst still retaining the gameplay foundation of Bad Company/1942.

sd1127d ago

I agree. This game was fantastic, unfortunately i own it on ps3 not Xbox.

JEECE27d ago

No. It is a bastardization of BF1942. Limits the class system and cuts out most of the best maps. One of the worst battlefield games.

gangsta_red26d ago

Judging by your comments I'm assuming you don't particularly care for this BF?

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PhantomS4227d ago

Awesome! Had a lot of fun in this game goofing around with friends.

BLAKHOODe27d ago

Fun game that i put a ton of time in back in the day, but it's 2018. I can't see a large enough community returning to keep it going.

combatcash27d ago

I don't know man if they made Battle For Middle Earth II backwards compatible I would jump back on it, but EA closed the servers :(

Concertoine27d ago

Last i played was 2014 but even then it was pretty well populated.

After BC dropped i got back on and yup, full games.

crazychris412427d ago

Anyone else play chicken with another plane then at the last second pull up and drop bombs to get the kill?? Loved using that move since they never see it coming. This game was well worth the $15

CurbStompin27d ago

It’s $9.99 as of yesterday.

81BX27d ago

Stop! You never did that.

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The story is too old to be commented.