More Quake Live fixes and tweaks released

A new update for id Software's free-to-play browser-based shooter has been released.

The weekly(ish) Tuesday update fixes a number of code and web-based issues.

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Grandreaper99993166d ago

I had a fun time playing this when it released. Felt more like UT though.

dirthurts3166d ago

They need some more game modes though.
King of the hill anyone?
How about some anti aliasing?

Grandreaper99993166d ago

Old Quake as in 3 (arena)? Too fast for Quake, more like Unreal. Similar all around IMO. Quake2 is still one of my favorite fps's ever. Wicked Background music and sounds had me sold early.

QL is great for what it is though! Nice multiplayer setup as well.