Info on Battlefield 1943 Rank Resets

Some information on the BF 1943 rank resets.

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Sangria3419d ago

Well, you don't earn anything with those badges, no new weapon or customization so it's not a big drama if there is a temporary reset.

PotNoodle3419d ago

They did a temp reset on the PS3 version last night, but they restored them a few hours back.

Close_Second3419d ago a reset can be overlooked. Not like I was anywhere near the top of the leaderboard anyway. Some people must not have a life other than playing games :P

As soon as they get some dedicated servers in Australia then the game should be even more fun!

MetalGearBear 3419d ago

Battlefield 1943 is awesome on PS3,

Close_Second3419d ago

...on where you live.

If you are not near dedicated servers then you can expect lag most of the time. Its unfortunate cause when this game runs well its incredibly fun.

Wish the high score charts showed more than just the top 1,000!

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The story is too old to be commented.