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SevWolf3119d ago

It's much more than nice XD
can't wait till Thursday, maaaan Im so pissed my 360 died on me a week ago :( , still ill enjoy this when its out

ShadesMoolah3119d ago

Not on UK marketplace yet.

ParanoidMonkey3119d ago

Yeah, I would recommend queuing it off like I did.

Link for US version.

I played it for about 20 minutes and had a blast; seems like it was well worth the $15 from what I played.

y0haN3119d ago

OK I bought it and started it, ugh EA account rubbish, ok signed in, join game, 'STAND BY' for twenty minutes. Come on, EA.

cRaZyLeGs 933119d ago

I was thinking of getting this, but now i've realised I could get a pre-owned copy of Bad Company at about the same price.

Look_Behind3119d ago

Only has 1 game mode... That means im not getting it!
Warhawk owns its ass anyday.

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ArcticWolfUK3119d ago


but the games quality

CaptainSquirts3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I have PC ps3 and xbox360, I dont know if I want to wait till September for the PC version. Wonder if its worth waiting or getting the 360 or ps3 version now : /

divideby03119d ago

PC game will own the console game....

I am getting it for the PS3, because I can use real bucks vs rip off point scheme by MS. And I will buy the PC game when it comes out

LONEWOLF2313119d ago

Enjoy the the PSN taxes tapping(In other words "Humping" <-used for the lack of a better non disrespectful word.).
Ahh yes the so called MS Point scheme is taxes free......... enjoy my fellow MS gamers enjoy!

Tarasque3119d ago

Describe to me the points rip off? I pay 15 dollars in points to your 15 dollars for a game?

Rowsdower3119d ago

I had no lag

was a bit of a pain finding the game on the marketplace this morning, here is where I downloaded it

game videos > battlefield 1943 > all downloads > full game

the game itself is amazing, best xbla arcade game ever

the graphics are cool the gameplay is fun, maps are a great size, I cant wait to get home and play with folks on my friends list

Everyone who has live should get this game it is the easiest and funniest online multiplayer FPS out there folks

even if your not an FPS vet its still fun

awesome just awesome

LONEWOLF2313119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Yo man thanks for the info dude.
I am DL as i type! Ill probably buy the PS3 version as well later on.

crazyclown3119d ago


Rowsdower3119d ago

you will not be disappointed

everyone... console and PC should get this

its just plain fun

kazan3119d ago

yah same here waiting for the PS3, im wondering though way not resale the same day i know its 1-day different but any reason for that

LONEWOLF2313119d ago

Yeah thats wierd, i dont know why Sony does this,instead of wating for the Store Update just release the stuff once they are available.

3119d ago
Tarasque3119d ago

Funny how this is coming out for PS3 and PC, but for some reason all the PS3 fanboys are getting it for the PS3 instead of the far superior PC version.

JonnyBigBoss3119d ago


It isn't coming out for PC for another 2 months. By then there will probably be MAG. Plus, it's a lot of fun earning trophies and relaxing on the couch. Far superior? Don't think so.

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