Virtua Rock: Sludgefeast Create 16-bit Heavy Metal writes:

"Imagine if iconic hard rock band Motorhead had tripled the distortion on their guitars and shortened their songs to one minute bursts of chaotic but melodic outbursts. More importantly, imagine their lyrics and music being inspired by video games.

You just imagined London based SludgeFeast, and they are incredible."

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reluctant_gamer2964d ago

No one will ever be better...

shadowdancer2964d ago

Ever heard of Megadriver?

CrAppleton2964d ago

Sounds like an interesting band for sure..

Neco5122964d ago

1 min isn't bad when you look at the coolness that is packed into each song.

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CrAppleton2964d ago

Serious yet humorous attitude.. Likened to Reggie and the Full Effect.. I like it

Neco5122964d ago

Wow, I had no idea such a band existed. Sounds cool!

Neco5122964d ago

Why can't we get anything like this going stateside?

DaRockSays2964d ago

cuz shi like dis dont cut it her

Neco5122964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Now to make a movie about it

DaRockSays2964d ago

dat wold be tha lamest movE i ever seen

Neco5122964d ago

Aren't most videogame movies lame? ;-)

DaRockSays2964d ago

"they may not be the next nirvana" rly? i thot they wld be for sur