The Classes of Mass Effect: Part Deux (New Screens)

Today IGN will examine the final three classes of BioWare's upcoming RPG, the Infiltrator, Vanguard and Sentinel. Unlike the first three classes, these three are skilled in more than one category. Read on for the details.

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omansteveo4174d ago

This game is gonna be killer

tehcellownu4174d ago

Yeah Death to ya

razer4173d ago

Get some new material gaystation fanboy.. This just proves the point I made in another thread you can't post any 360 news here without comments like this(it's all pure jealousy I know, I know) and if you are just trying to be funny you missed it by a mile..

techie4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Sounds very good...interesting mix of genres and graphics to boot.

power of Green 4174d ago

I'm playing this like an action game and the second time around more like a RPG.

Theo11304174d ago

it is like what they talk about Jack Baur in Space, cause Jack Baur is a bad m-Fer

THAMMER14174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

I feel this is going to usher in some new standards for action RPG's. I could not imagine missing out on this game for any reason.

grifter0244174d ago

This game is going to be pretty sick. Cant wait,hopefully I can punk on some guys.. Cant wait but I like to play as a regular human.. dont know why I guess that whole "PRO HUMAN" thing LOL..

Leathersoup4173d ago

You're such a ... speciesist.... :D

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