Review: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger...Watch Out For The New Guy (TGH)

TGH writes:
"BlazBlue" doesn't try to redefine the fighting game formula, nor does it try to make it more "accessible" by dumbing anything down what is traditionally, one of the most complex game genres. No, it takes a firm stance as a solid title in a genre that sees fewer and fewer releases every year, and, aside from your occasional sequel release, is on the verge of becoming extinct. Fortunately, "BlazBlue" does have a rich history of games to turn to for inspiration, direction, and the dos and don'ts of fighting, and all that education, coupled with a development team known for their creative vision results in a unique title that could go head-to-head with any of those long running franchises.

The game's developer Arc System Works' reputation should preceed them courtesy of their famed "Guilty Gear" series. It's a franchise known as much for its unique and inspired art style, as it is for its entertaining gameplay, and, after even only a couple minutes with "BB" it's apparent that they didn't slack on any aspect...

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ptotoy3458d ago


for those who bought this game: please let me know how lag-free/laggy the online

mastiffchild3458d ago

Another review another big score even if the guy really wasn't into the story mode(unlike most reviewers so far).

Was hoping for a western release on PS3/360 for a while(well since it was confirmed to finish)and though noone('cept the noble few) will buy it at least the fact that it looks gorgeous and runs smooth as silky treacle means that fior those that do it's gonna be a real unexpected treat.

I know people love their SF4 but , to me at least, a new IP from old experts in the genre is way more exciting than what amounted to, after SF2THDR, yet another rehash of yesterdays glories from Capcom. Whatever, the world needs more variety and keeping NEW 2D fighters around, and looking this good, being both one for the core and the newbie can only be a very good thing indeed.

Looking better all the time, imo.

bitboi3458d ago

more 2d fighters are a welcome! especially with the level of detail in art this game sure is pretty. Im also looking forward to other 2d fighting games cuz' quite frankly SF4 didn't do it for me that much :(