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Blocks That Matter Spin-off, Tetrobot and Co., Announced

1143d ago - Swing Swing Submarine has shared that Tetrobot and Co., "a sort of (spiritual) sequel of Blocks T... | PC

Because We May Sale Now Live- Bargain Roundup

1282d ago - BNR: There's a ton of great deals thanks to the Because We May sale- so many that it's overwhelmi... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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PLXC.PL: Blocks That Matter | Review

1371d ago - When indie developers are in need, it's up to Tetrabot to save them. Sounds pretty weird does it?... | Xbox 360

Barrel Roll Podcast #145 – “Sensationalist Journalism” |

1444d ago - writes, "This week on the show, Jonah and Jesse and joined by Rockin’ Android’s ow... | PC

Humble Voxatron Debut Update Adds Gish and More

1478d ago - 2005 IGF Grand Prize and Innovation in Game Design winner Gish now stands with the other games in... | PC

Blocks That Matter Chocolate Update Adds New Levels, Enemies, and Blocks

1485d ago - Swing Swing Submarine has released a content-packed new update for its platformer Blocks That Mat... | PC

Two Days Later, 100,000 Bundles and $500,000 Worth of Humble Voxatron Bundles Sold

1486d ago - Two days into the Humble Voxatron Bundle and we've already seen more than 100,000 total bundles s... | PC

Blocks That Matter, The Binding of Isaac Added to the Humble Voxatron Bundle

1487d ago - Blocks That Matter and The Binding of Isaac have been added to the Humble Voxatron for those that... | PC

Blocks That Matter Demo

1499d ago - Developer Swing Swing Submarine have announced a playable demo for their puzzle platformer Blocks... | PC

IGN - Blocks That Matter Review

1521d ago - IGN - Blocks That Matter, developed and published by a small French indie team called Swing Swing... | PC

Blocks that Matter wins the Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge

1552d ago - Microsoft announced the top winners in the Dream.Build.Play 2o11 Challenge, and the fantastic pla... | PC
100° Blocks That Matter Review

1554d ago - "Blocks That Matter is yet another game which takes advantage of the quickly-growing mi... | PC

Blocks That Matter coming to Steam this month

1564d ago - Blocks that Matter was painfully overlooked when it arrived on the Xbox Indie Marketplace earlier... | PC

'8 Minute Trial' Review of Blocks That Matter (XBLIG) - Indie Theory

1564d ago - Ever wondered what the love-child of Mario and Minecraft would be? Will read on and you may very... | Arcade

Interview: Swing Swing Submarine talks about Blocks That Matter

1604d ago - Swing Swing Submarine’s exceptional 2D puzzle-platformer, Blocks That Matter, meshed together a n... | Xbox 360

Blocks That Matter Review (Armless Octopus)

1643d ago - Mario may have been content to smash bricks with his thick skull and be on his merry way, but not... | Xbox 360

[GAMINGtruth] Blocks That Matter XBLIG Review

1654d ago - GAMINGtruth's Xbox Indies Editor reviews "Blocks That Matter", a revolutionary mashup of platform... | Xbox 360

XBL Indie Game Of The Week: Blocks That Matter, Pod Fighters & Ten Amazingly Awful Games! - Dealspwn

1654d ago - Dealspwn reviews the best Xbox Live Indie games that this week has to offer, and crowns two deser... | Xbox 360

New Xbox Live Indie Games for week ending May 13, 2011

1658d ago - indiePub has published its weekly list of new and notable Xbox Live indie games. From the arti... | Xbox 360

[GAMING truth] Upcoming XBLIG Platformer "Blocks That Matter" Coming Soon

1675d ago - GAMINGtruth takes a look at an Xbox Indie called "Blocks That Matter" by Swing Swing Submarine, a... | Xbox 360

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Blocks That Matter mixes Boulder Dash, Tetris and Minecraft in one package

1718d ago - DasReviews writes: "Have you ever wondered what kind of game you’d get if you could mix Boulder D... | PC
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