Prototype - first 8 minutes of gameplay (HD & SD)

Msxbox-world has posted the first 8 minutes of gameplay from Prototype. If you want to see how the game plays outside of official trailers and movies in good quality then check it out.

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360DownINflames3393d ago

Sony got you by moving the release date up. Devs have to learn that launch date is just as important as the content itself.

However even Eurogamer had negative things to say which isnt a good first sign. I think this game will sell alright but it will take time..

ShadesMoolah3393d ago

There are 1000s of gamers who don't frequent gaming websites and who make impulse purchases (casual gamers). It may do very well despite the above average review scores.

Flipgeneral3393d ago

He plays like a douchebag. I want to see him run up buildings, do some elbow drops... if I played prototype like this guy I would be bored out of my mind