Ueda working on levels for LittleBigPlanet Ico DLC?

Will the Ico DLC for LBP include Ueda-designed levels? Reports may suggest so.

We gamers have seen Media Molecule's teaser image and now teaser trailer for the upcoming Team Ico expansion for LittleBigPlanet (due June 11th), but could the biggest announcement be yet to come - that Ueda himself is designing levels to be included in the DLC pack?

Rumours have resurfaced, since a report from last year, where Media Molecule boasted that...

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3453d ago

Love the teaser. Looks like i'll be dusting off LBP soon.

raztad3453d ago


I'm yet to bay LBP. I was thinking about the PSP version, I hope this ICO levels work on both. Very very nice. LBP is a paradigm change. Keep an eye peeled on ModNation Racers as well.

ToastyMcNibbles3453d ago

EPIC WIN! they're bought already!