Nintendo working on new console to succeed Wii

Nintendo Co. President Satoru Iwata told Bloomberg this week that it is working on a new console.

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Sunny_D3456d ago

i guess since SM is only possible on the wii's processing power, that must mean they maxed out the wii. lol, so they need a new console.

madmonkey03456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I remeber reading that RE4 nearly maxed out the wii, maybe that wasnt true but who knows?
Maybe they plan to bring a console out this gen that will actually be "this gen" to compete with the aperant longevity of the xbox360 and PS3. dont think we willl see a new iteration of thoose to for a few years yet.

doG_beLIEfs3456d ago

Is about as difficult as it is to fill up a stapled stomach.

Of course they are working on another system, all 3 companies are.

qface643456d ago

judging by what happened this gen this is what im predicting

next consoles sony and microsoft will create some insanely powerful monster waste a$$ loads of money sell em at a loss

nintendo will come out with a system that has ps3/360 graphics waste less money on parts and the repeat begins
then they will just laugh their way to the bank again

but honestly i think around the next consoles all 3 of em will be like the ps2 era where the graphics were all basically the same not much different
maybe they will all advance motion even more and concentrate on a new feature thy will all bring to the table

leyego3456d ago


im sorry but thats plain stupid. y would nintendo want to make a "this gen" system when a last gen system sold so well.
they print money by selling wii's.
makes more sense to just slap some newer tech, change the look and call it the wii 2. bundle it with wii fit ++ or something retarded like that.

better yet add a built in camera and some other useless junk drop the price a bit and call it the "Wii I"

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qface643456d ago

who isn't working on a new console? most likely all 3 of em gave their new consoles being worked on as we speak

but anyways will this be another one that will make nintendo roll around in millions i wonder im betting yes

PeterGriffinSays3456d ago

After their conference, I would too. ^_^

Ju3456d ago

Well, its like car racing. Ninti tried a 2 stop strategy while everybody is doing 1 stop (well, MS forgot to fill up the tank to make the last lap). LOL (sorry, couldn't resist).

N4g_null3455d ago

What is sad ju MS has no gas but SONY has been unable to past them even with the crowd cheering for them the most LOL. I know it sounds like a fan boy but remember I'm not a fan of the xbox I'm one of those crazy Wii fans!

There is so much you will not get on the HD console right now due to the power limits they have. I think many people will be happy with the next gen of consoles and even trade ins may go down. Oh yeah if motion controls come to the HD system so will ports of Wii games LOL and the mini games it had LOL because the same HD companies that make these games will try them on the HD console since they have the dev system already. That is going to be hilarious! I bet there is some one porting Wii code over to the xbox and PS3 right now!

Seriously you seem like some one that is into tech. The GPUs that are out now and the current programming models that even intel is coming up with will be the birth of true multicore gaming. Even the GPUs out right now are more programmable than what the cell can handle. Check out Nvida's cuda and intels complier, seriously it makes coding for the PS3 like coding for the xbox 360, full use of the resources. That is good design right there!

I mean with the war chest nintendo has they may not have to use it because cost will drop that low.

What would be crazy is to see a system with 3 Wii systems taped together and a crazy GPU set up. They could just add a great FPU to each chip and use the fixed shader set up like the SPUs with Sram that would be pretty ridiculous speed wise. Ha that would almost be like the xbox and the PS3 taped together.

Yet ATI has been quite very quite and so has IBM. Intel is acting a lot like MS right now... and seriously I would see natal working best with the larrabee than the xbox 360.

I really hope SONY fixes the PS3NEXT. If the rumor are correct the next sony system will have a larrabee in it which would be crazy. also they really need to hit a certain console budget to get Wii numbers next gen. Brute force doesn't work just ask PC gamers and they will tell you hey where is every one at?

Oh yeah crysis will max out the PS3 and if nintendo does go super tech on us they will learn a lot from crytek... nintendo heeds to call those guys up really fast.

Man it would be so crazy to see intel chips in all of the console next gen.

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